Team building for 150 people: discover the best large group activities anywhere in France

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Team building for 150 people: discover the best large group activities anywhere in France

The more the merrier… Booster2Success has perfectly understood this, so get all your teams together and take part in the best team building for 150 people in Paris and all over France! From a treasure hunt in the Tuileries to a CSR escape game, surprise your colleagues with our unique selection of large group team building.

At the heart of the investigation: this indoor team building will plunge you into an artistic blur

What if you invited your teams into the heart of an immersive investigation? The third art needs you and your skills! A canvas of major importance to the future of your company has just been stolen, and you need to find it in the spirit of a Cluedo investigation. Prepare your palette of talents, read between the lines of the scenario, and be on the lookout for the slightest clue to emerge victorious from this artistic team building.

Call on your art and mystery enthusiasts to find the culprit behind this artistic heist. Available all year round, feel free to organise this team-building investigation in the location of your choice (Paris, the Ile-de-France region, Lille, Rennes, or Vannes!). Indoor or outdoor, choose an activity on your premises or in the grounds of a seminar venue. You can bring together up to 500 people to form your teams of peerless investigators where your communication skills and team spirit will be enhanced by this fun and unique indoor team building!

An artistic indoor team building – 25 to 500 people

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artistic indoor team building

This team building for 150 people will awaken the sportsmen and women in you

So you thought you had discovered all your employees’ skills… But did you know that real athletes lie within them? Boost your energy with our indoor & outdoor sports team building and relieve yourself of everyday stress! This sports seminar will help you renew your creativity and strengthen the bonds between your teams.

For this Olympics team building, choose an outdoor version in the heart of nature, or an indoor one for team building in any season. Strengthen your colleagues’ bonds with unique sporting challenges! From archery to bubble football, these federating activities will indubitably enhance your collaborators’ cohesion. Available in the Ile-de-France region, Lyon and Limoges, this indoor-outdoor team building can accommodate from 20 to 300 participants, so get your winning spirit ready, because only one team will win the gold!

Indoor Olympics team building | Outdoor sports course  – 20 to 300 people

team building 150 people sports course

Outdoor team building: set off on a sensational treasure hunt in the Tuileries

Put yourself in the shoes of investigators and go on a treasure hunt right in the heart of one of Paris’ most beautiful parks, the Tuileries garden. Invite your teams to this green space with a breathtaking view of the capital’s most emblematic monuments for an unforgettable outdoor team building.

Following in the footsteps of Louis XIV, you will take up the challenge of solving many riddles to lead your team to victory! Observation skills, team spirit, and curiosity will be your perfect allies in finding the mysterious treasure of a marquis. Available from March to November, recharge your batteries amid the trees of this Parisian jewel with our outdoor team building.

Treasure hunt team building in the Tuileries – 60 to 250 people

treasure hunt Tuileries outdoor team building

Go on an 80 minute journey around the world with our 100 people team building and more

Have you ever dreamed of traveling with all your teams to the other side of the world? Well, Booster2Success is about to make your dream come true, and you won’t even have to leave your workplace! Indeed, you are invited on an 80 minute trip around the world to solve the mystery of a digital treasure hunt

On your premises or at the seminar location of your choice (Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France, or Brittany), you will have to make your way through the investigation with the help of your smartphones and QR codes scattered around the treasure hunt site. A criminal has stolen a file of vital importance to your company, and it is up to you to find it all around the world. Don’t waste another second and take part in this team building for 100 people or more, because the future of your company is now in your hands!

Team building Around the world – 25 to 500 people

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team building world tour office treasure hunt

200 people team building: who will become the star of this karaoke team building?

Each of your colleagues hides a talent that is very useful to your company… But did you know that they have Michael’s gift, Dalida’s charisma, and Brel’s words? Hand them a microphone and watch them become real rock stars! In this karaoke team building, they will all be put centre stage. Blind test, quiz, and song, get ready to enjoy an unforgettable moment of music with your teams! You will all be in perfect harmony during this federating team building for 200 people.

Karaoke team building – 20 to 300 people

team building 200 people karaoke

Choose a CSR event for your team building for 150 people

Look no further, Booster2Success has found you the ideal team building for 150 people! Whether you are looking for an investigation, a challenge based on CSR values, or a bio-diversity theme, you will be at the heart of a team building event that will leave a lasting impression. With this activity based on a collaborative spirit, you will rise to the challenge of the missions entrusted to you. Available in Paris and beyond, you will have a choice of location for your team building!

CSR team building – 20 to 160 people

CSR team building available throughout France

Large group team building: discover Bercy Park-BNF with our digital treasure hunt

Discover (or rediscover!) one of Paris’ most emblematic districts with our digital scavenger hunt. You will be given a mysterious riddle that you will be responsible for solving, for the future of your company. Geolocated challenges will be hidden in the neighbourhood, and you will set off as a team with a clue pocket to help you on your way to victory! Available all year round, get ready for a fun and unique time in the heart of Paris’ 13th arrondissement.

Bercy-BNF team building – 25 to 150 people

team building 150 people parc de Bercy

Sporting, musical, touristy, or investigative, choose the team building for 150 people that suits you best! And for smaller groups and museum lovers, also discover our Louvre team building.

Booster2Success creates and organises fun and cultural team building activities in and around Paris.

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