In search of the lost canvas: become the virtuoso of this team building investigation

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In search of the lost canvas: become the virtuoso of this team building investigation

What if you put your teams at the heart of the game and treat your colleagues with the intrigue they’ve always secretly dreamed of? Booster2Success invites you to its fun and unique team building investigation. In search of the lost canvas, you will need to demonstrate a keen sense of observation and effective communication, so keep an eye out! Among the 12 suspects, the culprit has done everything to avoid being unmasked… 

Unravel the mystery of this cluedo team building during a challenging art rush

You think you know everything about the people who share your day-to-day professional life… From their little habits to their strengths and weaknesses, they hold almost no secrets from you, right? But did you know that hidden within each of them is actually a peerless investigator? Get ready to put your team spirit to good use, because you will have to work together to save your company from this artistic heist!

Lead the way and unravel the mystery in this cluedo-style, team building investigation, so you can find the missing canvas. Prepare yourself to put the puzzle pieces together, using your communication skills and playing with both your self-confidence and that of your colleagues. Alliance, lies, betrayal, anything goes in this indoor team building… 


cluedo team building clues investigation pocket art rush

Take part in this challenging activity where everyone will find their place, including the culprit who will make this great event a murder party team building! Your colleagues will all play the leading role in this investigation, the scenario of which is as follows:

“A group of 12 people who had occupied your premises were about to find a mysterious painting that would have given your company a century of prosperity. Following the inexplicable disappearance of both this canvas and team, you now have 1 hour and 30 minutes to solve the mystery of the vanished painting… Remember to keep your eyes open, some precious clues could be of great use to you!”

indoor team building riddles team reflection

The practical details you will need for this team building investigation

Booster2Success has brought together all the values of a close-knit team in its indoor team building. Through an immersive investigation with a concept familiar to all, prepare yourself to fully immerse in solving its mystery. At the start of the activity, you will be given an investigation pocket containing precious clues. You will be able to access the game on your smartphone, using it to scan 12 QR codes hidden around your team building venue. Each one will help you to progress in the investigation and will bring you for sure, little by little, closer to the culprit and the canvas…

» TO DISCOVER – Organise a corporate scavenger hunt: your premises as a playground

murder party team building QR codes hidden around the company

Available all year round, this team building activity is available both indoors and outdoors. From your premises to a seminar location, you will be the one to decide where the activity takes place. To get the full thrills and realism of this mystery, what about, for example, choosing a castle team building? Bring together 25 to 500 people to give yourself the best chance of finding the culprit among the 12 suspects! From the company doctor to the marketing director, they could all have committed this crime, so be vigilant and beware of appearances…

All you have to do now is look for the culprit in this team building investigation, because Booster2Success has taken care of finding the perfect team building experience to strengthen your teams!

Looking to take part in this challenging activity, or to discover the Bercy – BNF district around a digital scavenger hunt? Contact us

LOCATION: of your choice (your premises, your seminar venue, etc.)

SEASON: all year long (the game can be played both indoors or outdoors)

DURATION: approximately 1h30

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 20 to 500 people

LANGUAGE: French and English

Photo credits: Booster2Success

Booster2Success creates and organises team building activities in and around Paris.

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