Get to the heart of the action with this SWAT team building

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Get to the heart of the action with this SWAT team building

Your colleagues are a special force for your company. Their dedication, hard work and qualities give your workplace unfailing power. And because “Serve without fail” takes on its full meaning through your teams, it is time to invite them to join forces in a SWAT team building for a sensational, real-life and immersive experience.

In the shoes of a SWAT negotiator: a team building to boost both confidence and cohesion

Your teams will be brought together in the same brigade, and you will take on the roles of negotiators and strategists in a crisis situation in this realistic indoor team building. It will be your duty to put your self-confidence and that of others centre stage, because this unique activity focuses on listening skills, self-control and of course, team spirit.


swat team building indoor

Make your collaborators experience this unique and original team building idea. Emergency management, the calm needed when dealing with a prickly interlocutor, including a clear and effective communication with colleagues are challenges that everyone faces in their daily professional lives. You will learn how to manage these situations in a totally inspiring setting during this SWAT team building.

Booster2Success invites you to step out of your day-to-day professional routine and push yourself out of your comfort zone, so that you can return enriched to your premises.

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swat negotiator in team during the team building

The practical details of this SWAT team building: for a real and immersive experience

Welcome to your SWAT mission! To carry it out successfully, you will choose the scenario that best matches your expectations. Get ready to take part in the exfiltration of a diplomat, join forces to protect animals, or even create your own personalised scenario and therefore experience negotiations and strategic decisions as real as those of true professionals! Working as a team, you will need to demonstrate great cohesion, sharp communication skills and good stress management. Remember to listen to your instincts, but above all to your partners, to ensure that your mission is a success.

This unique experience will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues. Available all year round and all over France (and the world!), this SWAT team building can be adapted to your needs. This is the ideal activity for your management committees or a large group, and it can accommodate up to 200 people. 

You will be guided by one or more coaches who will make this unique team building a real moment of cohesion and fun. Stress management, leadership, team spirit… Your collaborators will come back enriched from this indoor team building. But Booster2Success has thought of your international colleagues too, as this original team building idea is also available in English!

Become the hero of the mission and enjoy a unique experience with all your teams! Eager to give your employees a thrilling experience, or to take part in an extraordinary mentalism show? Contact us!

– LOCATION: On your premises or a seminar location, all over France (and the world!)

– SEASON: All year long

– DURATION:  1h30 to 2h of activity

– NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 20 – 300 people

– LANGUAGE : French and English

Booster2Success creates and organises team buildings for companies.

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