Raise your teams’ awareness of CSR issues with our CSR team building activities

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Raise your teams’ awareness of CSR issues with our CSR team building activities

A company must represent for its employees a workplace in which they feel good and fulfill themselves professionally. If CSR is at the heart of your company’s values, you will therefore need to ensure that your teams are able to integrate it into their day-to-day work. Our CSR team building activities will give them a few keys to both social and environmental issues in a fun and educational way, so that they can better understand and apply them.

CSR team building: boost your teams’ well-being within your company

Employee well-being, ecological or economic values… corporate social responsibility contributes to the smooth running and long-term longevity of the company. Is your company looking to undertake a CSR initiative or maybe simply wishing to consolidate it? Booster2Success has envisioned for you an entertaining and instructive corporate social responsibility team building that will bring your teams together around this shared responsibility.


sustainable development team building throughout France

Bring your collaborators together in teams around an exploratory scavenger hunt to become model CSR employees! This sustainable development team building will inform, but also raise awareness and provide solutions to both the ecological and social challenges facing our society.

Team spirit, a keen sense of observation and open-mindedness will be great assets that each participant will have to solicit. Together, they will build an admirable victory and a serene future through the divine scenario of our environmental team building:

«We, the divinities of Olympus, are no longer of this world to watch over it. We have passed the torch to you, and it is now up to you mortals to take care of the Earth! We are now looking for heralds who carry within them the values needed to look after your planet, but only one team can claim the title of Earth Herald! The team with the greatest awareness of these issues…»

» TO DISCOVER – Team building in the form of an artistic investigation: in search of the lost canvas

corporate social responsibility team building the ecological gods

The divinities of these CSR team building activities will put you at the heart of the game

Look no further for the ideal green team building, and set off immediately in search of the clues that will allow you to complete the many challenges the divinities have in store for you… Indeed, 12 Greek divinities have come together to guide you towards learning what is at stake in these CSR team building activities! Divided into four zones linked to the four elements, all the gods and goddesses will put you to the test at each stage they represent.

Be prepared to be challenged by Aphrodite on your team cohesion, for Gaïa to give you the keys to good everyday habits to save our planet, and pay attention to Dionysos’ suggestions on how to save water in your company! Indeed, who better than the gods of Olympus to pass on the secrets of a successful CSR approach?

CSR team building activities challenges on smartphone challenges

Indoor team building or outdoor team building, feel free to choose the location for your CSR team building activities. Available all year round, you can invite from 15 to 150 participants to meet the challenges of the gods! This unique and recreational CSR team building will give you concrete and effective solutions to implement as soon as you return to your premises.

Are you ready to go and meet the divinities of these CSR team building activities and share great CSR values with your teams, or take part in a world tour with our treasure hunt in your premises? Contact us!

– LOCATION: the one of your choice, such as a seminar venue (indoor or outdoor), or the premises of your company

– SEASON: All year long

– DURATION: Approximately 2h00

– NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 15 – 150 (and more on demand)

– LANGUAGE: French and English

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