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Created in 2015, Booster2Success, specializes in tourism and digital marketing. The following year, a new product cluster dedicated to event planning in Paris was launched with Diverteo agency, driven by increased team building training requests and satisfied customers.

Our team is made up of talented professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds and complementary skills. We create custom tailored solutions for your specific business needs.

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We create and design our team building activities ourselves with Diverteo agency. Our specific goal is to improve team spirit, morale and communication.

Our speciality is designing and organizing unique scavenger hunt team building with a tourist perspective. Our custom treasure hunt walking programs develop teams in Paris and abroad. Team building activities are incorporated into guided pedestrian treasure hunts infused with local history and more.

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Booster2Success employs world class marketing digital expertise with a focus on tourism based restaurants, hotels, and small business domains.

Professional implementation and improvements of SEO/SEA or website updates and maintenance provide customers with web marketing solutions. Booster 2 Success also create social media, web, and digital communication content in several languages for full market exposure.

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Patrick de Saint Leger

Associate Partner

Alexandre Guth


Nicola Accardo

Events Consultant

Grégoire Gitton

Graphic Designer

Olga Petrivna-Ghattas

Audit & Training Consultant

Jeff Crawford

Writer & English Specialist

Abby Rue

English Specialist

Julie Raton

Writer & French Specialist

Ava Misset

Web content writer
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Are you creative, passionate and looking for exciting growth opportunities and professional challenges? Join our team and help us create exciting new innovative solutions among the world-class tourist attractions of France and the world!

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Booster 2 Success is lead by dedicated industry professionals with years of experience who have built a wide network of business partners for all of your digital marketing, event planning in Paris, and team building solutions. Contact us today for your custom solution.