Welcome to the Louvre, one of the largest and most fascinating museums in the world. Our team building scavenger hunt at the Louvre will take you through the collections and across millennia to find famous as well as unusual and hidden works of art. Come challenge your coworkers while discovering this wonderful historical site in a fun way.

~2 hours

8 to 120


 1st district – Paris

Louvre team building adult treasure hunt


Split into teams and equipped with a guidebook, you will visit the museum in a fun and independent way before reaching the final challenge.

Our hosts will be waiting for you at different stops of the course in order to test your group of adventurers. 

This team building scavenger hunt at the Louvre does not require historical knowledge, but you will need a good sense of observation and teamwork!

scavenger hunt at the Louvre museum for a team building


Formerly home to French royalty until the French Revolution, the Louvre continues to delight and fascinate visitors.

With the help of our time machine, storm the museum during our scavenger hunt at the Louvre. You will travel through time through a selection of works dating back to 7000 B.C. all the way to the 1800s.

Several puzzles and challenges await you in our cultural and playful team building activity.

team building louvre museum winning team


 LOCATION: The Louvre


 DURATION: Around 2 hours

• SEASON: Year-round

LANGUAGE: French/English

The game will take place exclusively inside the museum.

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