Discover our 7 best team building scavenger hunt activities in Paris and throughout Ile-de-France

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Discover our 7 best team building scavenger hunt activities in Paris and throughout Ile-de-France

Are you looking for an event to federate your teams, welcome new collaborators, or maybe simply have a good time? Booster2Success has put together the best team building scavenger hunt experiences in Paris and throughout the Ile-de-France region! So select your company’s greatest investigators to make up your teams, and set off to solve the mysteries awaiting you… 

A historical team building: discover the secrets of Paris’ Covered Passages with this team building treasure hunt

Dive into the heart of the City of Light’s history, and discover its many mysteries with our team building scavenger hunt in the Covered Passages. Take a leap into the past in one of Paris’ most beautiful arrondissements and get ready to learn all about the Covered Passages and galleries that were built in the 19th century. This game is geared to historical and tourist challenges, and will put for sure all your teams to the test!

Take part in this adventure with your colleagues and set off on a journey back in time as a team! Your roadbook alongside you, you will take on numerous challenges as you discover all the secrets of Paris’ Covered Passages… Available all year round, feel free to invite from 10 to 100 participants to complete the challenge of this 2-hour company treasure hunt. Throughout the tour, get ready to make the most of your staff’s observation and communication skills, but above all, you will need strong team spirit. 

Historical team building in the Covered Passages – 8 to 100 people

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team building scavenger hunt in the covered passages

Set off on a trip around the world from your premises by taking part in our corporate treasure hunt

Organise the world tour of your dreams and take your teams on a journey with this unique team building scavenger hunt! Be prepared to discover your premises as you have never seen them before. Indeed, this fully flexible corporate treasure hunt will strengthen the bonds between your collaborators and your company.

This team building scavenger hunt can be adapted to suit all your wishes and needs. After dividing up into teams, it will be time to read the treasure hunt scenario and set off in search of precious clues. Your smartphone in your possession, it will be your duty to find the many QR codes leading you to the puzzles and challenges, and therefore the famous hints!

Available all year round throughout France, this unique world tour will take you on a journey for the next 1h30. Feel free to take up to 500 passengers on board, but you better be very curious if you wish to reach your final destination: victory.

Team building Around the World – 20 to 500 people

company treasure hunt on smartphone

Outdoor team building: from the Arc de Triomphe to the Parc Monceau, there is only one step to victory

Paris’ 8th arrondissement is packed with grandiose monuments, green parks and unique streets… But what if its greatest asset was actually the team building scavenger hunt that Booster2Success has prepared for you? Close to one of Paris’ most beautiful monuments and one of its most famous parks, you will set off on an expedition to discover (or rediscover!) this beautiful Parisian district. From the Arc de Triomphe to the Parc Monceau, Paris rolls out the red carpet for this unique activity.

Divided into teams, get ready to face numerous challenges, solve many riddles and uncover the clues that will lead you to victory! Available all year round in both French and English, feel free to bring together from 8 to 80 of your collaborators in this outdoor team building in the centre of Paris.

Arc de Triomphe – Parc Monceau team building – 8 to 80 people

team building treasure hunt in the park monceau and arc de triomphe

Booster2Success gives you the keys to a successful CSR scavenger hunt organisation

Are you looking for a CSR  team building scavenger hunt to raise awareness or simply reinforce CSR values within your company and your teams? Look no further and take part in this fun and educational activity based around ecological, social and economic values that contributes to the well-being of a company and its employees.

For a successful CSR scavenger hunt organisation, you will need to form teams of high-level investigators who will have to meet the challenges of the great deities… Under the instructions of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, the scenario will give you crucial responsibilities aimed at preserving the Earth.

You can invite up to 150 participants to your premises or a location of your choice for a chance to win the gods’ challenge, but rest assured, you don’t need superpowers to win. All you need is a good sense of communication and observation, team cohesion and an open mind to take up the challenge of this team building scavenger hunt.

CSR scavenger hunt organisation – 15 to 150 people

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scavenger hunt organisation CSR indoor or outdoor

The Louvre museum opens its doors to you and lets you experience a unique  team building scavenger hunt

You have probably visited it at least once in your life, but have you thought that the Louvre museum could become the stage for your next team building event? Get ready to go on the quest of the secret of immortality, on a journey around the world! Divided into teams of 6, you can count on the help of Leonardo da Vinci, or even Géricault to collect the many clues left by the 12 gods of Olympus. You will have 2 hours to make the best of your team spirit and discover the secret of immortality

Team building at the Louvre – 8 to 120 people

treasure hunt team building in the Louvre museum

The Art Rush: awaken your inner investigator with this company treasure hunt

Put your teams at the heart of the game with this Cluedo-style team building. A mysterious canvas that would have brought prosperity to your company has mysteriously disappeared, and it is now up to you to find it! You will have to scan 12 hidden QR codes to solve the mystery of this immersive investigation. Available all year round at the location of your choice, you can enlist the help of 20 to 500 people to try and find the culprit…

Art Rush team building – 20 to 500 people

artistic team building investigation

Outdoor team building: discover the medieval city of Senlis with our treasure hunt

Leave the hustle and bustle of Paris behind and treat yourself to the calm of Senlis the time of a  team building scavenger hunt in the middle of a charming and green medieval city. Walk around it’s alleys, monuments, solve riddles and complete challenges that will help you discover the city… You will have about 2 hours to fall under the spell of Senlis’ heritage, accompanied by 20 to 60 of your colleagues. Available all year round, this fun activity will give your teams a chance to unwind and recharge their batteries

Senlis team building – 20 to 60 people

team building scavenger hunt in Senlis

Choose the team building scavenger hunt that is right for you from our selection of unique activities that will bring your collaborators’ brains to the boil! Discover as well the best team building events to stimulate creativity within your company.

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