Leave for a backpacking mission and go save the planet with this environmental escape game

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Leave for a backpacking mission and go save the planet with this environmental escape game

What if you had the power to save the planet with a simple backpack? Gather your teams and take part in a unique environmental escape game! Booster2Success will put you to the test with this fun and ecological race, where numerous challenges will await you! Do you have what it takes to achieve such a key mission? Do not lose any more time, humanity counts on you…

CSR team building: a playful and original environmental awareness

Booster2Success just found you the perfect recipe for a successful ecological team building. In the form of an escape game, get ready to discover the current environmental issues around different themes by playing investigators, and unravel the mysteries of the backpack you have been entrusted with. The specificity of this environmental escape game? Its immersive nature that brings together both codes and sensations of a classic escape game… in only one backpack!


ecological team building escape game with a backpack

Build your team of super agents and get ready to meet the challenge of these eco-friendly team building activities. Numerous puzzles and challenges await your colleagues who will be all solicited for their distinctive abilities. Food, waste, transport, all these different covered topics will raise awareness among them in a very playful way. This escape game format of these ecological team building events will plunge the participants into a total immersion of the investigation by awakening their senses. This original activity revolves around one main factor: the team cohesion. So get ready to think, communicate, but more than anything, stick together!

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themes of the environmental escape game

Become the hero of a green team building: the practical details of this environmental escape game

This environmental escape game will plunge your team in total immersion from the very beginning and make you turn the time of a day into secret agents of a very special agency. You will be given a mission, along with a backpack closed on all sides. This is only thanks to the strength of your team cohesion that you shall solve the puzzles and find the winning combinations! The most curious of you all will then have to search the backpack if they aim for the reward…

For a duration of 1h30, this CSR escape game can be set up in Paris or in the city of your choice. The flexibility provided by these mysterious backpacks gives you the freedom to choose the location where your activity will take place. Animators will guide you all along the animation, but only your sense of communication will lead you to victory! 

CSR escape game details of the hints

Enjoy some unique and playful experience with your collaborators throughout this environmental escape game! Every participant’s abilities will be stimulated, along with a strengthened team spirit, and this all around eco-friendly values.

Contact us to save the planet or to take part in our team building where you can get closer to the animals with our equicoaching team building.

LOCATION: The one of your choice (your workplace, a seminar location, etc)

SEASON: All year round

DURATION: About 1h30


LANGUAGE: French and English

Booster2Success creates and organises team building events in Paris and France.

CONTACT US to organise an environmental event.