Tailored treasure hunt: put your company at the heart of the game

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Tailored treasure hunt: put your company at the heart of the game

What if you offered your company a tailored treasure hunt? Booster2Success puts you at the heart of the game and invites you to experience unforgettable moments. From the theme to the choice of location, you will hold all the cards to make this tailored team building the event of the year! But be warned, there will only be one winning team, so always keep an eye open, and leave no stone unturned…

Reveal the gems within your teams with this tailored team building

Your colleagues are brimming with multiple skills that make your company shine every day and yet, you haven’t discovered them all! Both their keen sense of observation and unstoppable logic make your teams incredibly unique, and this office scavenger hunt is the perfect opportunity for you to discover all the unsuspected talents of your collaborators.

Design the treasure hunt of your dreams and put yourself in the shoes of peerless investigators the time of a team activity. This tailored treasure hunt can be adapted to all your events. Whether you need to organise an integration seminar, an outdoor or indoor team building, this unique activity has a whole range of emotions in store for you…


outdoor team building with a customisable scavenger hunt

Strengthen the cohesion between your teams around a fun and unifying tailored team building. The treasure hunt calls on multiple skills where each participant is a force in their team’s progress: observation, reflection, logic… all the senses are on alert to solve a mystery!

From the choice of scenario to the location, you will be the creator of this tailored team building, so bring your teams together and let them experience an activity designed just for them! This tailored treasure hunt will indubitably both strengthen the bonds between your collaborators and federate their attachment to your company.

» TO DISCOVER – Organise an office scavenger hunt: your premises as your playground

indoor team building office scavenger hunt

The practical details of your tailored treasure hunt

Booster2Success makes your wishes come true and leaves you in charge of your team building. Choose your preferred city, district, and even location to organise this customisable scavenger hunt. Geolocated or unlocked by scanning QR codes, the clues will be accessible everywhere, so make your favourite premises or neighbourhood your hunting ground, and set off to discover the wonders hidden within…

tailored team building in the district of your choice

Invite your colleagues and get them together in teams to conquer the mystery of your tailored treasure hunt! You will select the scenario from the theme of your choice or from one of our existing customisable treasure hunts: a trip around the world, an artistic Cluedo, a CSR treasure hunt…

Lasting approximately 2 hours, feel free to shorten or lengthen your office scavenger hunt. With a capacity of up to 1000 participants, this indoor or outdoor team building is suitable for both small and large groups. Whatever your event requirements, by taking part in this treasure hunt, you are above all choosing team cohesion.

tailored team building on smartphone

Turn your colleagues into real investigators and share with them this unique and customisable activity! Ready to experience the team building that’s right for you, or to be guided by our case study of an integration team building on a campus? Contact us!

– LOCATION: The one of your choice (your premises, a seminar venue, park, district or city in France and in Europe, etc.)

– SEASON: All year long

– DURATION: Approximately 2h (but adaptable to suit your needs)

– NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 20 – 1000 people

– LANGUAGE: French and English

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