Team building in a museum | Selection of indoor activities for the winter

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Team building in a museum | Selection of indoor activities for the winter

Winter is slowly setting in and it’s time to look for an original and friendly activity to encourage communication between your employees.

How about a team building in a museum? Rediscover the most beautiful collections of Paris through treasure hunts and games. Here is a selection of activities to do in a group that will preserve the harmony of your team during the winter season.  

An original exploration of the Musée d’Orsay

Discover the most beautiful works of famous and unknown artists of Impressionism and Art Nouveau! Booster2Success promises you an unusual visit to the vast collection of this famous museum that used to be the Orsay train station. Divided into several teams, you will have to solve riddles and complete challenges to win the contest! It is not essential to have historical and artistic knowledge. You just need to be curious, to listen to each other and to play as a team player.

Available in French and English, this museum activity can last 2 hours and is suitable for groups of up to 40 people. Ideal for art and puzzle lovers!

Team building at the Orsay Museum – from 8 to 80 people – French and English

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team building scavenger hunt at Orsay museum

Odyssey at the Louvre, unusual team building in Paris

Travel through the centuries in one of the most fascinating museums in the world! Booster2Success presents an entertaining treasure hunt in the heart of the Louvre. In teams, wander through the galleries of this majestic museum and admire the collections from various eras. Contemplate statues from Ancient Greece, paintings from the Renaissance, and masterpieces from the Ancient Near East! 

Discover amazing anecdotes, solve unusual riddles and participate in multiple challenges for a chance to win. You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge, just a good sense of observation and team spirit! Available in French and English, this team building in a museum is for groups of 8 to 60 players and can last up to 2 hours. It takes place indoors only. Perfect to stay warm while ensuring the cohesion of your teams!  

For large group team building, discover our escape game at the Louvre available for up to 120 people.

Treasure hunt at the Louvre – 8 to 120 people – French and English

corporate treasure hunt at the louvre

Playful visit of the Centre Pompidou

Come and discover the secrets of this architectural masterpiece! Booster2Success has selected for you an exciting indoor team building experience in the heart of the Centre Pompidou, also called Beaubourg by Parisians. Divided into different teams, explore the museum and participate in a treasure hunt among art masterpieces!

Admire modern works of art that are often unknown by the general public, enjoy the magical view of the building over the rooftops of Paris, and participate in challenges to strengthen the harmony between your teams. Don’t hesitate to use your observation and imagination to win the game! Available in French and English, this fascinating treasure hunt lasts 1h30 and is designed for groups of 10 to 80 participants. An excellent experience for the winter season!  

Treasure hunt at the Centre Pompidou – 10 to 80 people – French and English

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team building and amazing view from centre pompidou museum

Fascinating team building in a museum: the Quai Branly

Discover amazing civilizations and cultures during an unforgettable treasure hunt! Booster2Success has chosen for you an original adventure within the prestigious Quai Branly museum which will give you the opportunity to consolidate the bonds between colleagues. 

Divided into several teams, you will have to decipher the mysteries of the museum. To do so, you will travel to Oceania, Africa and America to unveil the secrets of their art. You will find objects, rituals and people all as fascinating as each other! No specific knowledge is necessary to undertake this indoor team building afternoon. You just need to be curious, observant and creative. Available in French and English, this team building activity accepts up to 120 participants for a period of approximately 2 hours. Ideal for art and history lovers!

Team building at the Quai Branly museum – up to 120 participants – French and English

scavenger hunt team building in a museum the quai branly

As winter approaches, the cold and bad weather are making their comeback! Why not spend this difficult season at the beach, far from the daily worries, while enjoying Paris? Come and recharge your batteries in the North-East of Paris, next to La Villette, and take part in various activities to strengthen relationships between colleagues. Beach volleyball, badminton, tennis, karaoke… You have your choice! Also enjoy the fine sand, the deckchairs and enjoy a cocktail at the beach bar.

What better way to boost your business atmosphere in the daily life of your employees to motivate them in the office!

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