Cultural team building in Paris: original activities’ ideas

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Cultural team building in Paris: original activities’ ideas

Summer is here, the weather warming us up for opportunities for a great summer season with a list of cultural team building in Paris. Discover the charms of Paris from Booster2Success with several playful activities both indoors or outdoors!

The artistic district of Montmartre: cultural team building in Paris

After a long day at work, we all dream of getting outside into the fresh air! Time to get out and go up and start exploring Montmartre hill. Our cultural team building in Paris will explore the haunts of the master painters and artists where they called home. During the team rally, you will be divided into teams to explore the famously beautiful art district for a cultural and athletic team building experience worth experiencing!

Montmartre adult scavenger hunt team building – from 8 to 60 people

Team building culturel à Paris Montmartre

Cultural treasure hunt in the trendy Marais district

Welcome to the Marais district! One of our favorite spots in the capital! Take a walk in this historic neighborhood during a fun team building experience and grow team spirit. Thanks to Booster2Success, you will discover all the secrets of this historic and gorgeous area. Divided by teams, you will tackle challenges and solve riddles during your tour. On the way, you’ll admire sumptuous private mentions and secret gardens, see where the colors and textures of Paris blend into history. The Marais won’t disappoint and always has more surprises to discover!

Marais district team building – 8 to 50 people

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cultural team building in Paris Marais

Unique and tourist rally in the Eiffel tower district

The Eiffel Tower and area may be a life-goal destination, but there is so much more that is often missed. We’re going to help with that! The Trocadero, Passy, and Bir-Hakeim districts: are full of surprises! Our cultural team building in Paris will take you to Gustave Eiffel himself! See what fascinating monuments were created during all the universal exhibitions… Your mission: help Gustave to find his beloved one…! Get on the trail!

Eiffel tower team building – from 8 to 100 people

treasure hunt for adult eiffel tower district

The Louvre museum throughout time: a cultural treasure hunt

The Louvre museum isn’t only the most famous museum in the world, but also one of the biggest museums in the world. You would need several days to visit it entirely and see each exhibit. Thanks to our treasure hunt in the Louvre you will experience the best exhibitions and art. Explore the different art periods, where you will be able to admire the main masterpieces and some more unique work of art that many often miss…

Divided into teams of 5 to 6 people, you will explore the museum while solving riddles and achieving fun challenges, and working on team building concepts will be the key to a great afternoon!

Louvre museum team building – 8 to 60 people

cultural team building in Paris louvre treasure hunt

Cultural team building in Paris: exploring the charming covered passages

Come explore a beautiful Parisian charming neighborhood, as we head out on our treasure hunt in the very cool covered passages of Paris! This playful, cultural activity is perfect to improve communication skills between employees by achieving various challenges until the final success! One of our most popular challenges, join us in helping build your team for success!

Covered passages team building – 8 to 60 people

Team building culturel à Paris Passages couverts

Photo credit: Booster2Success

Booster2Success creates its own tourist team building activities in Paris.

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