Google Ads management and optimisation : pay less for more clics!

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Google Ads management and optimisation : pay less for more clics!

Google Ads is an incredible tool to quickly and easily increase traffic on your website. However, Google Ads management is useful, but in order to get meaningful results, you will have to set it up correctly and optimise it periodically. A powerful tool, but it can be much more powerful once you know how to use it to its full potential.

How internet website traffic works?

If your website is new, or if you are not focusing on the SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization), you will see low or even nonexistent visitor numbers – not what you want to see. Check out our article regarding content creation to improve SEO for more details on how to raise yours You see, a website itself is not listed on the Search Engine itself, but the pages are on the search engine. That’s an important concept here. The more pages your website has, the more opportunities your customers will have to find your website. Think blogging strategies for example.

Then why create a Google Adwords campaign?

If you recently launched a new business, or if your website itself is new, it probably won’t start off with good ranking numbers at first, as you may be seeing, due to a number of factors. In the case of a new hotel, for example, obviously, you need starter clients that will sell your business for you through social media for example. You’re going to want to start with Google Ads, a really efficient tool to quickly get traffic on your website and get your business in front of your customers. Booster2Success can help with your business needs today, do you can focus on the rest of your business. 


Google ads screenshot

The configuration of your campaign will help you to refine your goals with various settings. We can list three of them here. The first one will help you to quickly get visitor website traffic. The second will help you target internet users that are usually transforming their visit (meaning to buy, to book, etc.). The third goal is to get actual physical visits to your establishment. Businesses such as bars, restaurants, or wellness centres get strong results from encouraging internet users to stop by.

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gite de charme Giverny salon
Image from the cottage la Marie Jeanne, near Giverny – Booster2Success©
gite around paris

Google Ads creation: avoid Smart campaigns

Since 2017 Google has offered a simplified method to display your campaign results. This Smart Campaigns is more intuitive than the expert mode, but much more limited in functions. The campaign is really easy to set up but the tools to optimise and daily manage it are really narrow. We recommend starting here to get familiarized with the program if you like, but get to know the expert mode for maximum use

Google Ads smart campaign

To give you an example, once you define a keyword list, you can choose to activate or deactivate a word, but you cannot configure your campaign in a surgical way. As a consequence, if the keyword “hotel in Paris” is defined, you can see how many visitors it brings you, but you won’t know the exact expression used by the internet user (for example a search “hotel Eiffel tower district”). If your only way to optimise your campaign is to turn the keywords button on/off, we’ll, you can see that it is really basic!

We really recommend you to use the “expert mode”, even if you need to get help if it’s too complicated, or ask the Booster2Success team to help, either way, you can move those numbers up and drive business in

Configuration and costs: start off on the right food!

Before even talking about settings, you first need to ask yourself a simple question: what are your campaign goals? Who do you want to target? What are the nationalities, language, and the ages? What is the monthly budget you are ready to spend? Do you have a specific season peak that could have an impact on the budgeting? And moreover, on which keywords do you want to get into position? All of these are analysable and configurable, so you want to maximize their potential

Google ads management request a quote

Booster2Success has the expertise and advice to create keywords lists to get ranked efficiently at a lower cost. For example, we will use some that are not too general (they’re the most expensive in Google Auctions. For example: “hotel in Paris” costs 1,90 € per click versus 1,28 € for “hotel in Montmartre”. That’s an important factor in strategic advertising

Text ads writing: an essential step

When you begin a new media campaign, start with a blank page. After searching and selecting your keywords, write the text for your ads. The important point is the added value of your business and more sales. How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? What’s unique to your business that sets you apart from competition? Don’t overlook that an added value will be human contact! Having a staff paying close attention to your client’s needs will be much more useful than a fitness room to many of them! 

Google Ads optimisation

Carefully write the text of your Google Ads and be sure to write a few. If you want more effectiveness, Google Adwords will request several ads (usually 3 or 4) so that the system will rotate in between the Ads to define the more efficient one. Create some variations of the initial Ads in order to play with the different added values or by changing the order of the key elements of your Ads. See the example below of a Yield Management campaign in French. 

Google Adwords screenshot

Google Ads management: a daily optimisation is really important

You will pay for each click, so it is quite important to frequently follow your Adwords campaign in order to filter the keywords and to remove the useless one that additionally cost you money. Check your campaign to add the relevant keywords to increase the algorithm exactness. For example, if you are a starred hotel and your internet users access your website searching “youth hostel room,”  make sure that you banish that keyword because you are paying vainly for those clicks.

Google Adwords or Google Ads capture

Pay attention to Google Ads management and your configuration. If you ban some specific keywords you could unintentionally disturb the proper functioning of the algorithm. You have to stay really careful when you delete some items as if you forbid general keywords you may lose precision and decrease drastically your Adwords campaign visibility. There can be a lot of moving parts. 

If you already created a campaign or you want to do so, do not hesitate to contact Booster2Success team to audit the current settings and/or to guide you in all the steps of Google Ads management and optimisation. Booster2Success has the experience and creativity to meet your business needs today.

Photo credit: Booster2Success and screenshots of the Google Ads system

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