WordPress website creation: Booster2Success gives you the keys to a successful redesign

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WordPress website creation: Booster2Success gives you the keys to a successful redesign

Your clients’ needs evolve, trends change, and now you are lost in a digital ocean. Booster2Success takes you behind the scenes of the wordpress website creation and redesign for our client: My RH Solutions. Ready to discover all the secrets to a successful website?

Why redesign your website?

Do you want to change your acquisition strategy? Does your site simply no longer match your brand identity? Then you need to refresh your online presence, and that starts with rethinking your website! With our wordpress website creation, your website or e-commerce will align with the values of your company as well as answer the needs of your clients. Your traffic will be boosted, your positioning defined, and your SEO maximized.


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My RH Solutions entrusted the redesign of their digital identity to Booster2Success in order to rebuild a coherent image in relation to their company goals. Their request was designed in two main lines of work: the first one resulted in a redesign of their brand identity (logo and brand style guide) and then their website. For the second service, the organizational work focused on structuring the site’s tree structure, design, and content. Working on both the content and form of a wordpress website creation guarantees quality results. 

“I had the pleasure to work with Booster2Success for the redesign of my brand identity and my website! A team always listening and reactive, for a result exceeding expectations in both form and content. I highly recommend Booster2Success to enhance your own professional project.” 

Laure Annabelle Saint-Maxent, HR consultant
brand identity logo conception

The steps of wordpress website creation by Booster2Succes

Listening to you is the key to our success. After learning your expectations and needs, we conduct an audit of your website and your competitors’. We then leave the creation of a visual identity to our graphic designer, who takes care of the design of your logo and your entire brand identity.

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Alongside this graphic redesign, Booster2Success carries out the wordpress website creation. The structure of your website is reworked, maximized, and organized in order to make the use of your website optimal for your clients. The choice of your site’s design is made in line with your expectations and your new brand identity. We handle all of the technical aspects as well as the desired functions, and the SEO is maximized to give you good result positioning. Before making it available to your customers, we propose hands-on training to ensure you know the ins and outs of your website.

Wait no further and, like many satisfied clients, take advantage of the experience of our digital team for your wordpress website creation! 

Photo Credit: Booster2Success – My RH Solutions website screenshots

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