Entrust Booster2Success with the implementation of your Revenue Management strategy. We are at your service and offer outsourced Yield Management services. Our expertise in the tourism and hotel sector allows us to provide personalized management for more efficiency and better results.

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Thanks to our support in Revenue Management, you will benefit from a Yield Manager dedicated to the strategy of your establishment, analyzing your activity on a daily basis and optimizing performance goals.


The objective is twofold: to fill in off-peak periods and increase your turnover during the high season. The occupancy rate will be higher, and in the meantime, you will reduce peaks of activity throughout the year.


We intervene in different fields of action during our support:

 Competitors monitoring

 Revenue budgetisation

 Set up of the pricing policy

• Regular update of prices

 Profitability analysis by distribution channels

• OTA and partners follow-up


Revenue and yield management services
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