Team building for 20 people in Paris: cohesion tour around the city

  • September 30, 2019
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Team building for 20 people in Paris: cohesion tour around the city

Are you planning to organize a team building for 20 people in Paris…? Here is a selection of our treasure hunt team building experiences adapted for your group size with guaranteed stimulating group cohesion as a souvenir!

Team building for 20 people in Paris: exploring the Parisian Covered Passage

If you are looking for a team building for 20 people in Paris, here is your next solution! Come and explore the famous Covered Passages with us, the emblematic galleries constructed at the end of the 19th century. Discover all of it’s secrets during a playful treasure hunt with various challenges and riddles designed to build your team’s spirit.

Our hosts await you at several spots of the tour with additional challenges, such as surprise ice-breaking ones! It’s a must-do in developing your team cohesion!

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20 people team building in the Parisian Covered Passages

The masterpieces of the Louvre museum: team building for 20 people in Paris

The Louvre is one of the biggest museums in the world. In order to completely explore it, you would have to spend several days, without getting lost (in which case, add time as appropriate)! In order to facilitate your visit to this former Royal palace, we created a playful treasure hunt inside the museum.

You will travel through different eras during this original tour: from Greek Antiquity to Middle Age and even 18th century. The Louvre scavenger hunt could be your next indoor team building!

Many masterpieces to discover… and don’t worry there is something to suit all tastes and challenges to increase team building!

team building for 20 people in Paris inside the Louvre museum

Heading to Montmartre for an artistic team building!

The Montmartre hill is a symbolic Parisian spot including the Sacré-Coeur church at the top. Our cultural and artistic adult treasure hunt starts in Lamarck-Caulaincourt metro station (line 12).

If you take part in this team building with Booster2Success you will discover a real Parisian and artistic district where a lot of famous painters used to live (and future ones still do). Divided by teams, explore the district and try to find the mystery and hidden artist while working your team cohesion.

This team building for 20 people in Paris lasts approximately two hours with much fun to be had together!

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treasure hunt in Montmartre district team building for 20 people in Paris

Build more team cohesion: scavenger hunt for adults in the trendy Marais district

Welcome to the Marais. A personal favorite of the team at Booster2Success. Visit this historical district full of culture during a weekend stroll. or more easily with team building for 20 people in Paris! Book our cultural Marais treasure hunt in order to discover all the secrets of this district. Your group will be divided by team with various challenges and riddles awaiting you along your quirky tour. From majestic private mansions to the secret gardens, the Marais will surprise you for sure!

Team building for 20 people in the Marais place des Vosges

Canal Saint-Martin district exploration: a team building for 20 people in Paris

During this immersive team building, the participants will explore the canal Saint-Martin district equipped with their guidebook. Through two hours time, they will have to solve riddles and accomplish various challenges (related to art, music, sports, etc.) to be successful in their endeavors. Team spirit, good organization, and observation will be the key to success. Join us today and see why we’re so popular!

Increase team spirit with this adult scavenger hunt and develop better communication skills. Join us today and see why we’re so popular!

team building in paris for 20 people exploration of the Canal Saint Martin district

These team building ideas in Paris are not exhaustive, benefit from our team cohesion expertise and let us guide you in every step of your event organization.

Photo credit: Booster2Success

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