Take part in an extraordinary and stunning experience: a mentalism show

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Take part in an extraordinary and stunning experience: a mentalism show

Are you looking for the perfect activity to bring your teams and clients together for a memorable corporate night? Let Booster2Success immerse you for an evening in a mentalism show that will combine both worlds of mentalism and connected magic. Now open your eyes wide, because you’re about to enter a world of fairy-fingered magicians…

When magic meets mentalism: experience an unforgettable corporate night

What if you challenged your sense of observation with the illusion trick of a modern and connected magic close up show? Feeling more cerebral? Then test your mind by taking part in an interactive and lively show of mentalism that will make your head spin! Totally unique, this magical mentalism show perfectly blends two phantasmagorical worlds that will take you on an emotional journey


corporate modern and connected magic close up show

Treat your teams or clients to a corporate night full of surprises. Magic brings people together when mentalism amazes, which is why you can choose to combine these two activities or choose just one! Magic close up or mentalist show, both activities are performed by talented mentalist magicians who will put stars in your eyes…

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magician mentalist cocktail company

Team building mentalism show: the practical details of your corporate night in Paris

Let yourself be guided… in one tri k, Booster2Successwill give you the keys to a sensational corporate night! At the location of your choice, a magician mentalist will give you an incredible experience. Now get ready to pick the activities according to your preferences, along with the duration of the show! Totally adaptable to your needs, this show of mentalism is available all year round and can accommodate from 30 to 500 people during your corporate dinner or cocktail party.

evening Team building mentalism show

If you choose to discover the magic close up animation, get ready to enjoy a new connected magic made of visual experiences on iPad, card tricks, and objects popping out of the screen! Depending on your wishes, this show can last from 1 to 2 hours. As for the mentalism show, you will take part in an interactive activity involving volunteers around mentalism and mind-reading techniques that will leave you speechless. This show can last from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on your choice.

magic close up animation on ipad during a corporate dinner

Feel free to choose a la carte activities that will suit best the organisation of your night. And for a totally personalised experience, you will be offered customisation services such as integrating your logo into all the magic effects with the iPad, therefore creating a unique experience around one of your company’s values, or even goodies for your guests.

Don’t wait any longer and put magic in the eyes of your clients or your collaborators during a mind-blowing show. Looking to experience this exceptional corporate night or to take part in a criminal investigation with our mentalist? Contact us!

– LOCATION: the one of your choice

– SEASON: all year round

– DURATION: aa la carte activities and customisable timing

– NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 30 – 500 people

– LANGUAGE: French and English

Booster2Success creates and organises corporate events and team building activities.

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