Cultural outing in Paris: the famous Grévin Museum

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Cultural outing in Paris: the famous Grévin Museum

Today we take you to a legendary place in the heart of Paris, near the Opera monument: the Grévin Museum. This wax museum was created in 1882 and still fascinates every generation, Parisians and tourists from all over the world. This 3D mirror puts celebrities on stage, both historical figures and modern stars. If you are looking for a cultural outing in Paris, you should definitely go there!


Cultural outing in Paris: the Grévin museum story

It all started at the end of the 19th century with an unusual idea. Arthur Meyer, a journalist, decided to show to the public important people who were that making headlines in 3 dimensions. At that time photography was not yet used by the press, so he imagined a place where Parisians could meet these celebrities “for real”. To realize this crazy project Arthur Meyer worked with Alfred Grévin, an illustrator, sculptor and theater costume designer. The Grévin Museum was soon to see the light of day and become an immediate success.

More than one century later and true to the spirit of its founders, this unique place for a cultural outing in Paris is still offering the public an exceptional opportunity to see, and even touch famous celebrities.


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Grévin Museum stages famous figures from the past to the present

At the Grévin museum, all the ages of French history are mixed. From the Middle Age with Joan of Arc on the pyre through the Sun King – Louis the 14th – and his court at Versailles to French revolutionary figures – and even Marilyn Monroe. Thus the visitor can live through many major episodes of French history.



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The Grevin museum is still connected to Parisian life and flashes new celebrities who are making the news today into our lives. Everybody will find something they like:  famous show business stars, such as singers, or football stars, are all there!

Make sure to take your camera as you will meet a lot of people during your cultural outing in Paris.

Children won’t be disappointed either. They will be able to meet le Petit Prince from Saint Exupéry novel and even mount the Voice throne. No less!



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The Grévin Museum abroad

Sometimes the wax characters can be heavy, such this 34 kg statue of  Jean Paul Gaultier, the French fashion designer! But something is also really impressive here: like the scenery is listed as a national historical monument. At Grévin museum you will be able to admire an Italian theater dating back from 1900, splendid marble stairs or the hall of mirages from the Universal Exhibition of 1900. For a cultural outing in Paris, you can’t expect better!


The Grévin Museum is also good in exportation! You can visit it in Montréal and since 2015 in Seoul!


Musée Grévin Paris – 10, boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris



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Photo Credit: Grévin Museum / Sylvain Cambon



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