Original and thrilling team building activity: escape game museum Orsay

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Original and thrilling team building activity: escape game museum Orsay

Have you ever embarked on a quest to uncover hidden treasures within the walls of a world renowned museum? Booster2Success invites you to dive deep in the heart of one of the artistic wonders of Paris: the Musee d’Orsay. Imagine your team stepping beyond the traditional museum experience and into a world where art becomes a thrilling adventure. Welcome to the escape game museum Orsay where the past meets the present in an exciting journey of discovery.

An engaging and cultural team building activity at the Musee d’Orsay

Originally built as a train station in the 1900s, the Musee d’Orsay has transformed into one of the world’s most unique and famous museums. Its appearance isn’t the only thing that attracts people to this amazing museum, from renowned impressionist masterpieces like Vincent van Gogh’s self portrait to Gustave Courbet’s iconic The Origin of the World piece, the museum offers a special journey through the late 19th and 20th centuries.

musee Orsay treasure hunt inside the former train station

Booster2Success offers you an immersive activity and opportunity to dive deeper into the wonders of the Orsay Museum. You will be challenged to collaborate with your colleagues to decipher codes and secret messages to unravel the museum’s mysteries. Step into a world of art and discovery in the musee Orsay treasure hunt.


escape game museum orsay decipher codes

Team building activity in an exciting escape game museum Orsay that will bring your team closer than ever

This one of a kind team building activity musée d’Orsay is an experience that is available all year round and can accommodate an adventurous team of 8 to 50 members. Our cultural team building activity is just what your team needs! This treasure hunt will push your team’s determination and will create core memories for them, strengthening the relationships between employees.

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musee Orsay treasure hunt searching clues

In this escape game Orsay, you will be split off into teams where you are set off into the world of art and history. With this thrilling game, you will have to find your way around this beautiful museum and be challenged to find hidden clues. This adventure will lead your groups to a secret art piece that is connected with a special Parisian monument from the Belle Epoque. In order to win this exciting game, your team needs to come together and use determination, unity and teamwork, all things that will translate in the real business world.

team building musee d'orsay creative team picture

Musee Orsay treasure hunt is an one in kind team building activity in a beautiful Parisian museum. Your team will leave this event stronger and more cohesive, bringing new energy and teamwork to your company.

For those who like adventure, discovering new things, or putting a puzzle together, Booster2Success invites you to participate in our unique team building experience: In search of the lost canvas, a perfect way for your team to bond and have fun anywhere in the seminar venues or your premises!

– LOCATION: Orsay Museum

– SEASON: All year round, with nighttime openings on Thursdays

– DURATION: Around 2 hours

– NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 8 to 80 people

– LANGUAGE: French and English

Photo Credit: Booster2Success

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