5 Ideas for your employees to want to return to the office

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5 Ideas for your employees to want to return to the office

Working at the office is very important. It strengthens the relationships between colleagues, facilitates team communication, and reinforces the sense of belonging to the company. However, the democratisation of remote work, linked to the success of hybrid events or virtual team buildings, has enhanced the fear of returning to the office for many workers. Here are five ways to get them excited again!

Idea #1: Improve the bond between your employees through team building activities in Paris

The main reason to return to work is to meet each other in person again resulting in team chemistry. An in person team building activity makes this encounter easier since it strengthens the bond between colleagues in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

With Booster2Success, we’ll take you with us to discover the charming medieval town of Senlis for a scavenger hunt with different puzzles and challenges to boost team cohesion. Another popular team building outdoor activity in the heart of Paris is the excursion at Louvre Palais-Royal to tour the neighbourhood’s unique streets and learn about its rich history, allowing colleagues to experience together. Take advantage of the opportunity to reinforce team relationships while also preparing them to return to the office!

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marais district team building

Idea #2: Understand the concerns of your employees to find solutions

In general, employees who prefer remote work have good reasons. Taking into account their worries is the best way to reach an agreement with a solution that is useful for both the company and the worker. For example, the hybrid modality is a good option if they have to stay at home or go to work on certain days, if they live far away or if they dread returning to the office after a long period.

But be careful: a hybrid solution can only succeed if the person is well organised with a quiet space, a reliable internet connection, and preferably a more comfortable large screen. Likewise, exchanging your concerns with your employee will make it easier to find solutions.

more comfort on a large screen

Idea #3: Incentivise your workers to return to the office by financing their transport

Working-from-home allows people to save time and money from commuting, especially if they moved far from the office to enjoy more green spaces. Businesses can fund the totality of their employees’ travel expenses, for a specific period of time, to encourage them to return to work. Also, with the pandemic, some people prefer to avoid public transportation even if they don’t have other modes of transport.

One solution is to support alternatives such as biking, electric scooters, and carpooling that are also more environmentally friendly. Indeed, these solutions create an incentive to return to the office because they generate savings for your collaborators and make commuting more pleasant.

electric scooter to go to work

Idea #4: Establish a pleasant work environment

Even if during an economic crisis it is not always possible to finance rearranging the office’s layout, improving your organisation’s work environment is always a good investment.

Indeed, companies that provide a comfortable workspace will encourage employees to return to work. There are possibilities to make improvements for all budgets: incorporate colour to the walls, add decoration or even rearrange the space to allow more natural light to enter. Purchasing a new coffee machine and creating common relaxation areas can also improve team relationships. Finally, managers should also establish a positive work culture and supply different resources to support their workers’ well-being

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comfortable working space to return to the office

Idea #5: Incorporate your staff more when making decisions

Involving workers in business decisions will give them more relevance in the company and they can only be more motivated as a result. For example, in the context of the pandemic, involving employees in the organisation of returning to work and the rearrangement of the office will relieve some of their eventual worries and will provide a greater desire to return.

Their involvement allows them to provide meaning to their work by pushing the company to have a positive social and/or environmental impact. This way, they will feel more in line with the company’s values and will want to return to the office even more.

incorporate your staff in decision

It is important that your employees feel valued by their managers. Establishing a pleasant work environment, giving more responsibilities, and boosting team cohesion can motivate them to return to the office. As a bonus, this also improves productivity and well-being in the company.

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