Live acting team building: hybrid and online cohesion activity

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Live acting team building: hybrid and online cohesion activity

To have good team cohesion, there are several ways to go about it. But to have the best one, there is an original way: live acting team building! This is an online cohesion activity in which employees are totally immersed.

Between team spirit and competition, participants have a great time while developing their knowledge around certain themes or values, depending on the employer’s goal.

What is live acting team building and what is its interest?

The remote live escape game is an online cohesion activity during which the different participants integrate an immersive online game. The goal is to guide an actor equipped with an onboard camera to solve a series of tests and puzzles. The remote team building game is becoming more and more popular, both with employees and employers.

Online team building is not restrictive, can be played anywhere, and requires little equipment other than a computer and a good internet connection.


Online team building activities are diverse and varied, there is something for everyone. The animation is designed to encourage the complete immersion of the players, and it creates a great interaction between the participants: the team spirit is multiplied by ten!

online team building remote escape game

Between suspense, riddles to solve and enthusiasm, these online cohesion activities leave no one indifferent. Participants must trust each other and communicate with each other to succeed in the mission. This results in better team cohesion. The 100% participation of each player is guaranteed.

Moreover, our hybrid team building activities are diverse and varied, allowing several sessions during the year for the same group of employees. As you can see, there is no room for boredom or redundancy.

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live acting team building puzzle

How does the online cohesion activity work?

The advantage of an online team building activity is that it can take place anywhere, as long as each participant is equipped with a computer connected to the internet, a headset or headphones, and a webcam. In general, most employees have this equipment. Then, the organiser within the company determines whether the employees take part in the team building game remotely from their homes or in a meeting room, for example.

Teams are set up in advance for organizational purposes, and a connection link is provided to them in advance. The participants play on a proprietary computer solution including chat, quiz, leaderboard and streaming (live video). Before starting the team building game, a host explains the rules of the game to the participants. As for the duration of the online cohesion activity, it varies between 1h and 1h30 depending on the type of game.

start of online and hybrid cohesion activity


– LOCATION: online or hybrid – in-game video solution

– DURATION: about 1h10 (including briefing)

– NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: from 12 to 1000 people

– LANGUAGE: French and English

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