Set off as a team in search of a professor who has been missing for several days… In this distance team building experience in the form of a live escape game, you will guide the actor‘s actions thanks to an onboard camera. This remote animation is very immersive and rich interaction between players.

~ 1H10

12 to 1000

Online and hybrid

live escape game team building


Conduct a virtual investigation in teams of 4 to 7 people in search of a missing professor, all from a distance…


The participants are gathered in a videoconference room integrated into the game. They must guide the actions of an actor, with the help of an onboard camera system, while solving various enigmas.


This live escape game is very immersive. But beware: communication and exchange between the players will be very important in order to save the professor!


PARTICIPANTS: from 12 to 1000 people


DURATION: around 1h10 including the initial briefing


VIDEOCONFERENCING: integrated into the game


LANGUAGES: French and English

remote team building live acting team building
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