Activities ideas for indoor team building in Paris

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Activities ideas for indoor team building in Paris

There is no particular season that’s best for rewarding employees and uniting teams – this can be done year-round. That’s why we offer a selection of indoor team building in Paris for all tastes.

Discovering the Louvre through time: the team building treasure hunt

It is difficult to visit the largest museum in the world when you have little time. Want to offer your colleagues a fun and unusual activity? Participate in a team building treasure hunt in the heart of the Louvre Museum to discover its history. Events await you with iconic and unusual works alike. In teams, take the path to victory by browsing the galleries of this former royal palace!

See the team building treasure hunt in the Louvre – 8 to 60 people

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Indoor team building in Paris

Indoor team building in Paris: Olympic games at the beach!

Looking for a beach and sun? We offer you a multitude of beach activities all year round, even in winter and in Paris! Fun referees are there to challenge your teams for several hours… on the fine sand. On the programme, challenges of all kinds, from beach volleyball to bubble football or even archery!

Summer Olympics team building – from 20 to 250 people

indoor team building beach volley

Treasure hunt at the Musée d’Orsay: meeting the impressionist artists

It’s time to head for the old Orsay train station, which now houses the famous Musée d’Orsay. During this fun treasure hunt proposed by Booster2Success, you will have two hours to discover the most famous artists of the museum but also those unjustly forgotten. Observation and teamwork will be your assets to discover all the secrets of Orsay museum!

Adult treasure hunt at musee d’Orsay – from 8 to 40 people

orsay museum team building

The Grand Corporate Competition: a playful team building for your company

We have an original activity for your next seminar: the Great Corporate Competition. Gathered in teams, participants explore your company (or a seminar venue) while completing various challenges. Accessible from a mobile web app, the challenges are adaptable to the theme of your seminar and allow you to share your company’s values. The activity can also take place as part of a special event: employee integration, product launch, etc.

The Grand Corporate Competition – from 25 to 500 people

indoor team building grand corporate competition

Escape game and indoor team building in Paris for small groups

Escape games need no introduction with how popular they are lately. To help you make a choice from the vast selection, we have concocted a selection of our favorite escape games in Paris. It is important to note that this type of game is more suitable for small groups because generally escape games are played to 5 or 6 people at a time. If this fits the size of your team,then you have found your activity for indoor team building in Paris!

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Bubble football: Where sports and teamwork meet

Last in our selection of activities for indoor team building in Paris: Bubble football. This activity, which was created in 2011 by two Norwegian friends, is very original. The goal of the game is to put on a giant inflatable bubble and try to play football with it! Whether you like football or not, you are very likely to have a lot of fun!

Indoor team building in Paris

[BONUS] Indoor – outdoor mix: team building in the Parisian covered passages

Are you tired of being locked in an office all the time? You are looking for an indoor team building in Paris and also want to get some fresh air?

Booster2Success has developed THE fun rally that will match your desires! Explore the famous Parisian covered passages, while taking up many fun and cohesive challenges. Perfect for a team event in winter – but also during other seasons – this treasure hunt in Paris is made for you and your colleagues…

 Indoor - outdoor mix: team building in the Parisian covered passages

If you are looking for an indoor team building activity related to art and culture, have a look at our selection of team building activities in Parisian museums.

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