La Cantine du Troquet: a friendly restaurant in Paris’s Eiffel Tower

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La Cantine du Troquet: a friendly restaurant in Paris’s Eiffel Tower

La Cantine du Troquet is a friendly restaurant in Paris’s Eiffel Tower, owned by Chef Christian Etchebest. Discover his French South West cuisine (a region of France) created around French classics dishes. Good mood and product quality are the chef’s keywords. Sit up! Food is ready!


A friendly and tasty restaurant in Paris’s Eiffel Tower

Rugby, friends and good food“, is the mission of la Cantine du Troquet Dupleix. Chef Etchebest’s goal: to make you love his cuisine and all with a smile.

This gourmet restaurant in Paris’s Eiffel Tower offers a terrace, perfect when the sunny days come with warm evening breezes. You will find yourself talking with your neighbor’s table in a warm atmosphere. The chef will also take the opportunity to go out of the kitchen and greet you. It is the “French Bistrot” spirit.


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Chef Christian Etchebest selects the best products from every part of France. For example, the chef works with Eric Ospital, a passionate supplier like him specialized in cooked meats.

For carnivores, find the classic hare stew, grilled pig ears, pesto and espelette chili pepper or even the smoked juicy pork loin. For fish lovers, try the razor shells plancha or the balsamic tuna and its mashed peas. For dessert give in for the chocolate mousse. There is a plate for every taste.


La Cantine du Troquet with friends, it’s always without reservation

In this destination restaurant in Paris’s Eiffel Tower, it is not possible to make a reservation. Instead, come early to be sure to get a table. Even in case of high attendance, there will always be a drink to serve you at the counter in the meantime. This is also in the spirit of “cantine” that chef Christian Etchebest creates a memorable meal.



There are five other restaurants in Paris you need to seek out. First, a restaurant in the 14th arrondissement, the Cantine Pernety, where you can eat on wooden tables without fuss. Or the Cantine Daguerre, with Nicolas Gros, the star pastry chef who runs the place. La Cantine Cherche Midi joins the list with a restaurant in Paris Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. The Cantine Pereire, the fourth recommended restaurant in the 17th arrondissement, will also welcome you with wonderful meals and refreshments.  

Finally, the Cantine Rungis is nestled in the heart of the largest market in Europe. Discover them all!


Now that you know almost everything, you will not have an excuse when looking for a friendly restaurant in Paris’s Eiffel Tower. The Cantine du Troquet awaits you.


La Cantine du Troquet Pernety – 101 rue de l’ouest, 75014 Paris

La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix – 53, boulevard de Grenelle, 75015

La Cantine du Troquet Daguerre – 89 rue Daguerre, 75014 Paris

La Cantine du Troquet Cherche midi – 79 rue du cherche midi, 75006 Paris

La Cantine du Troquet Rungis – 1 avenue des Savoies (Pavillon D6) 94150, Rungis

La Cantine du Troquet Bayen – 46 rue Bayen, 75017 Paris


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