Korean restaurant in Paris: Bap Sain, gastronomic cuisine in the spotlight

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Korean restaurant in Paris: Bap Sain,  gastronomic cuisine in the spotlight

Bap in Korean means Rice, one of the staple foods of Asian cuisine, renowned for being healthy (Sain in French). Let’s take you to discover a Korean restaurant in Paris with deliciously inventive cuisine: Bap Sain restaurant.


Bap Sain, a Korean restaurant in Paris’ 15th district

Not far from the Eiffel Tower, near the metro Cambronne in the 15th district, you’ll find a Korean restaurant like no other. With a warm welcome, refined and neat decoration, you have arrived at Bap Sain.

A new restaurant, run by a French-Korean manager accompanied by a Korean chef, welcomes you for lunch or dinner with a healthy and varied menu. Let’s get together and discover this wonderful Korean restaurant in Paris.



Bap Sain:  Traditional and creative cuisine

Whether you already know Korean cuisine or it’s a first for you, the cuisine of Bap Sain restaurant will tempt you for sure. It retains the authenticity of traditional flavors, with a slight adaptation for our French taste buds sensitive to spicy dishes. The chef of this Korean restaurant in Paris, Seung-Won Seong, has made his mark in Korea and France. He works a seasonal kitchen with a menu updated frequently.


Korea and Asia are in the spotlight, and this pairing is very successful. To start your trip, try the spicy squid, cucumber and pear salad or the tuna tataki with Japanese flavors. Continue your journey enjoying a rib of marinated beef and cold noodles with kimchi, or for fish lovers, leek and yuzu salmon.

Finally, to finish on a sweet note, choose from several desserts with mixed and varied origins. For example, opt for a banoffee mascarpone with French toast or the profiteroles with green tea and Oreo.



If you come at lunchtime, the cuisine of this  Korean restaurant in Paris is simpler, but the recipes are all equally effective. The lunch menu, at 15 € for a starter and main course, will allow you to have a delicious overview of some Korean specialties.


Bap Sain restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 14:00 and 19:30 to 22:45, and Sunday only in the evening at the same time.


Bap Sain – 51 rue Cambronne 75015 Paris (métro Cambronne)


Crédit Photo : Bap Sain / Booster 2 Success



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