Team building idea in Paris: tourist treasure hunt

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Team building idea in Paris: tourist treasure hunt

Are you looking for a team building idea in Paris to organize an event either locally or abroad? Booster 2 Success has already planned everything for you and can arrange custom team building activities in Paris as you discover the City of Lights! Here are our most popular experiences.

Team building idea in Paris: corporate treasure hunt in the Montmartre district

Explore Montmartre’s hidden alleys, quaint old streets, and discover some of the world’s most infamous artists in the streets where they lived together. Your team will be challenged in team building exercises while building stronger team spirit! You and your team will enjoy a two-hour scavenger hunt in beautiful Montmartre, immersed in one of the most amazing districts in Paris. Book your team now and set off for your own treasure hunt for adults in Montmartreon the road to better team communication and a boost in morale!

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Team building idea in Paris: tourist treasure hunt

Discover the Eiffel tower district during a scavenger hunt team building event

Would you like discover a deeper local perspective of the Eiffel tower and it’s beautiful district? We will challenge you and your team while building and improving your already deep knowledge with fun and interesting historical facts only a local would know! Join us for a scavenger hunt in the Eiffel tower district, where we will walk among the charming streets and discover local hidden gardens, all while building your team!

team building eiffel tower scavenger hunt

Team building idea in Paris: unique treasure hunt in the Louvre and Palais Royal district

Are you looking for a rich cultural activity location for your next team building session? Do you want to offer your team an incentive with travel to beautiful Paris? Here is one of our most popular team building ideas: discover the Louvre Palais Royal district with its storied history and beautiful architecture. During your two-hour team building walk in the area, your team will accomplish numerous challenges in order to win the final challenge!

team building ideas Louvre Palais-Royal

Team building activity in Paris Marais district: cohesive tourist walk

Another popular favorite team building idea in Paris: explore the wonderful and diverse Marais district. Your two-hour scavenger hunt will take you through rich cultural history and great diversity. It is a perfect team spirit building district that will leave your team inspired and motivated. See why Booster2Success is the number one team builder trusted by local and international organizations to lead your team. See why this tourist activity in the Marais district is so popular for yourself!

team building treasure hunt in the Marais

Whatever the size of your group (from 8 to 100 people) do not hesitate to contact us to organize your next team building in Paris!

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Booster2Success create its own team building and adult treasure hunt in Paris.

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