Tailor-made team building event in a destination of your choice

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Tailor-made team building event in a destination of your choice

Are you looking for an original team building event to organize? Our team is already working for you and can create a tailor-made team building event in a destination of your choice. If you don’t know where to go, Booster2Success guides you through the best travel spots in Paris, France, and Europe.

Be part of a tailor-made team building event developing cohesion spirit

Booster2Success, the tourist specialist, creates team building treasure hunts with a tourist styled itinerary to make your team discover a city in a unique tailor-made team building event.

Several Parisian districts are available to choose from, including the famous Marais area, the well known Palais Royal and Tuileries gardens, or a scavenger hunt near the Eiffel Tower Or, if you want to go to a specific city, we design tailor-made team building event designs for you.


tailor-made team building event eiffel tower photo

Can’t choose between several choice destinations? We are here to share our knowledge and give you an experience your team will enjoy in the best team building treasure hunts in Paris!

personalised team building in the bercy district

Organization of a tailor-made team building event

Choose your favorite location and our team will create fun and developmental team building games to help you discover French history and local culture. Your tailor-made team building event is always filled with discovered mysteries and mental challenges to entertain your teams while creating more team cohesion and improving communication skills.

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tailor-made team building challenges and puzzles

How’s it work? On D-day,  participants are divided into several teams. Carrying a roadbook, they’ll start their adventure among beautiful streets and gardens in your chosen destination. Together they will have to overcome challenges in order to be the first team to win the team building’s final contest. Bring your teams together to generate great morale and fun times.

Here is an example of a team building tour created for one of our clients in the charming medieval town of Senlis, near Paris, in order to introduce it to their foreign employees that came from abroad during an international seminar.

team building treasure in senlis

If you’re looking for a  tailor-made team building event for group sizes from 20 to 500 people for a 2 hour excursion, Booster2Success makes it easy.

We’ll help you choose a wonderful touristic city/district location offering a cultural/historical/architectural interest to build your team’s morale.

Contact us today about your custom needs and our custom team building experiences!

– LOCATION: Destination of your choice

– SEASON: All year

– DURATION: Around 2 hours


– LANGUAGE:  English and French

Photo credit: Booster2Success

Booster2Success, the tourist & event specialist, is creating treasure hunt team building in Paris, France and Europe.

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