Ballets in Paris and lyrical art in the gildings of the Opera Garnier

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Ballets in Paris and lyrical art in the gildings of the Opera Garnier

For true music lovers or occasional visitors, the Opera Garnier is proposing, thanks to an eclectic program, numerous pathways leading to incredible ballets in Paris or great masterpieces of the classical musical repertoire.

The building’s greatness and beauty will pull you into this artistic institution with unique architecture. This can be all yours by attending one of it’s representations behind the scenes, or by taking part in an escape game worthy of the biggest mysteries of Paris!


The Opera Garnier: a building for lyrical and choreographic art

Inaugurated in 1875, the Opera Garnier is today the heartbeat of world-class ballets in Paris. Constructed by Charles Garnier for Napoleon III, this edifice was built on a 12 000 square-metre land requiring more than fifteen years of work. The marshland, the Franco-Prussian War, and the fall of the Second Empire caused a delay to the site’s progress, as ordered by the Emperor. Nonetheless, Garnier would continue to complete his work until the end, and this in particular with his friend, Gustave Eiffel, who would be part of the construction of both edifice’s workshops and shops.


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The dance at the Opera Garner: meccas of ballets in Paris

Ballets in Paris, whether classical or contemporary, are nowadays a field for creation and inventiveness. The Opera Garnier presents traditional choreographic ballet,  but also modern performances such as Pina Bausch’s work. The Opera National troupe enjoys an impressively strong international reputation due to a constant and high level of artistic commitment.


In the past,  the ticket price to attend the ballets in Paris could be quite expensive, letting some of us at the bottom of the sublime grand escalier (large staircases) have access. However, the Opera Garnier is now offering quite reasonable entrance tickets all throughout the year! Grab the opportunity to admire the incredible ceiling painted by art master Chagall, and of course, enjoy the technical and artistic qualities from a unique troupe in the world of ballets in Paris.



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On the traces of the Phantom of the Opera: an unprecedented escape game

Last year, the Opera Garnier organized an indoor escape game inside the Palais Garnier. What’s it like? Well, to start, the chandelier dropped down from the ceiling, a technician was found hanging above, and some visitors in the Phantom’s house of ballets in Paris caught sight of a mysterious face above… human or not, they couldn’t tell. Can you?


The famous novel from the French writer Gaston Leroux gives the occasion to participate in a group investigation with a stunning atmosphere in a unique setting: the Opera Garnier – home of The Phantom! The escape game is animated by several actors dressed in period costumes that will take you to the world of ballets in Paris in a playful way from the grand escalier until the opera backstage area. Immerse yourself before the chandelier comes crashing down tonight!



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This magical and legendary institution in Paris will transport you to different emotions: musical, choreographical and architectural. Get ready the curtain will go up soon!


Palais Garnier – 8 rue Scribe 75009 Paris


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