Dive Into the Secrets of the Most Beautiful Private Mansion in the Marais District in Paris

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Dive Into the Secrets of the Most Beautiful Private Mansion in the Marais District in Paris

You thought you knew all the secrets of Paris? The city of light still has a few surprises for you. Today, Booster2Success takes you to one of the most beautiful districts in Paris to discover the private mansions in the Marais. Ready for an experience to remember?

Visit the Centre of National Monuments: Sully’s Residence

We invite you to meet at 62 rue Saint-Antoine for the first stop of our adventure. Constructed between 1625 and 1630, this private mansion in the Marais was once the home of Henri IV’s superintendent of finances, Maximilien de Béthune, the Duke of Sully. Following in the steps of Madame de Sévigné and Voltaire, you can admire its characteristic architecture of the “french-style” hôtel particulier. You will enjoy strolling through the sublime courtyard and garden to the place des Vosges, where our Marais team building scavenger hunt takes place.

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From the Hôtel Salé to the Picasso Museum, Where Architecture and Painting Meet

Art is calling and the Hôtel Salé has opened its doors to it. Situated at 5 rue de Thorigny, the Picasso Museum sits at the heart of one of the Marais private mansions on our journey. This hotel was built between 1656 and 1659 at the request of the lord of Fontenay, Pierre Aubert. It owes its name to the parisian mockeries of its owner, who was responsible for the collection of the tax on salt. The Hôtel Salé had many tenants before housing the world’s largest collection of works by Pablo Picasso, which covers each of his artistic periods. Come discover where painting and architecture of this building, classified as a historic monument, intertwine.

hotel de salé picasso museum

Hôtels Particuliers in Marais: a Medieval Treasure in the Heart of Paris, Welcome to the Hôtel de Sens

Our path continues on to 1 rue de Figurer. Here we can find a relic from the Middle Ages, a witness to the history of France, and a key location for our team building in Marais. Built by the order of the archbishop of Sens, the construction of this private mansion in Marais started in 1475 and continued for 50 years.

 In 1605, the mansion housed Queen Margot, and today it awaits you among her books, as it is now the Forney library. You can stroll through the flowery gardens, admiring the one of a kind exterior, immersing you deep into French history.

Booster2Success challenges you to find the cannonball fired during the riots of the Revolution in July of 1830!

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Hôtel de Lamoignon, Preface to the Historical Library of the City of Paris

One of the oldest private mansions in the Marais, Hôtel de Lamoignon, also known as the Hôtel d’Angoulême, sits at the corner of the rue des Francs Bourgeois, at 24 rue Pavée. Constructed from 1552 to 1662, it housed multiple owners throughout the years, including Diane de France, who gave it the nickname “Hôtel d’Angoulême.” In 1168, it housed the Lamoignon family, from which it got its official name. Following in the steps of Alphonse Daudet, the historic library of the city of Paris came into existence in 1969.

After a walk in the private mansion garden, you can unwind and read a book from the library, sitting on one of his benches.

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hotel lamoignon historic library of Paris

When One of the Private Mansions in the Marais Becomes the Oldest Museum in Paris: Discover the Hôtel Carnavalet

Sitting at 23 rue de Sévigné, you may have had the opportunity to walk in front of this jewel from the Renaissance during our treasure hunt in the Marais district. For those who have not had the chance to wander the halls of the Hôtel Carnavalet, its history will surely make you want to. It was founded in 1544 by Pierre Lescot for the president of the parliament of Paris, Jacques of Ligneris. Lovers of literature can marvel at the collection of the Marquise de Sévigné, who put down her luggage and writings in the Hôtel Carnavalet between the years of 1677 and 1696.

The Carnavalet Museum opened its doors to the public in 1880 and now houses over 625,000 works. From Napoleon to Zola, you can see its collection grew and diversified in the last 150 years. Don’t rush inside, because the exterior of the townhouse is full of unique, historical structures that will make your visit unforgettable.

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Hôtel de Soubise, Masterpiece and Historical Centre for the National Archives

You probably have never seen a private mansion as beautiful as this one. An ancient medieval building, the Hôtel de Clisson was bought in 1700 by François de Soubise, who entrusted an architect named Delamair with the job of reconstruction. It perfectly represents Parisian rock art. The Gold Salon for Louis XIV, painted ceilings and woodwork, the luxury at the Hôtel de Soubise has many surprises in store for you.  If our journey of hôtels particuliers from the Marais were to have a treasure to find, it would be within these walls…

Having become the historic centre for the National Archives, it houses the presidential archives, the largest collection of judicial archives, but also the Charters treasury.

We told you, this private mansion is majestic! Booster2Success challenges you to find the last letter written by Marie Antoinette before her execution.

national archives hotel de soubise

Between Courtyard and Garden: Visit the Hôtel Donon, Ancestor to the Cognacq-Jay Museum

The French elegance, the aristocracy of the time, the beauty of the exteriors – you have arrived at the Hôtel Donon in the heart of the Marais. This hôtel particulier was built in 1575 for the Controller of the King’s Buildings, Médéric de Donon. He had his main house constructed between the courtyard and the garden. The subtlety of its architecture will pull you in. You can observe all the decorative areas of the Cognacq-Jay Museum that were installed in the heart of the building in 1928. This historical monument ends our journey of the private mansions in the Marais on great note.

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Our selection of private mansions in the Marais will, without a doubt, satisfy your appetite. To eat, Booster2Success invites you to discover our selection of the best restaurants in the Marais, you deserve it!

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