Make your events unforgettable with our keynote speaker

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Make your events unforgettable with our keynote speaker

You thought you had all the keys to a successful seminar? Why not make of your corporate conventions the highlight of the show? Booster2Success will make your business events unforgettable moments of exchange. Former TF1 reporter, M6 presenter, or well-known host, your speeches will be delivered with both spellbinding and prestigious eloquence by a keynote speaker, to the great delight of your teams…

Communication at the heart of your seminars: entrust our event speaker with your microphone

Your corporate seminars are very special moments for the well-being of your teams and your company. They provide an opportunity to exchange important information, welcome newcomers, or even forge links outside your premises. Whatever your goal, communication must be at the heart of your events. From the words you choose to the way they will be delivered, delegating this meticulous task to a corporate seminar host with these multiple talents will make your conference both a powerful and memorable experience.


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Bringing in a professional presenter or convention host is a great opportunity to boost your speech. They will focus particular attention on the message to be conveyed and maintain it throughout your event. Their outside view will be beneficial to break down any barriers that can sometimes stand in the way of team communication.

From a renowned journalist to a well-known keynote speaker, Booster2Success offers you the best of its address book to make the most of your meeting.

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Practical details of your meeting with our keynote speaker

Are you looking to organise an event bringing your colleagues together for a debate, a meeting, or any other speaking event where everyone will pay effortless attention to the information exchanged? We can help you set up a communication operation that meets your goal, then work with you to create the editorial content, and finally coordinate the event with a seminar presenter. 

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We will choose the right keynote speaker for your event. Lasting from 2 to 3 hours, the format can be adapted to your needs if necessary and can accommodate from 50 to 1500 participants. We work hand-in-hand with experienced journalists whose great strength will energise your debate, but also with television presenters who will deliver the speech with dynamism and eloquence if you rather opt for a round table or a seminar.

Booster2Success will gladly meet your needs by calling on one of its communication professionals who will magnify your event with a masterly voice

Make your events captivating and memorable with our keynote speaker! Also contact us to bring a breath of fresh air to your in-house communications, as does our videographer, who offers you the chance to create corporate videos to showcase your employees, and new initiatives or to capture your best team building memories

LOCATION: At your convention or seminar place

DURATION: Usually between 2 and 3 hours, but the format can be customised

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 50 to 1500 (and more upon request!)

LANGUAGE: French and English

Photo n°1 & video credits: Daniel Simonnet

Booster2Success organises events in Paris, France and Europe.

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