Les Belles Envies, pastries nearly without glycemia

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Les Belles Envies, pastries nearly without glycemia

Diabetic, you have always been forbidden to eat pastries and other chocolates ? There’s need for you to gawk at them greedily anymore: the new Parisian “patisserie” « Les Belles Envies » allows you to tickle your taste buds thanks to low-sugar pastries.



Les Belles Envies, an adventure for the pleasure of all the papillae:

The project of the pastry shop les Belles Envies arised from three different desires: a diabetic, who, since she was thirteen years old has been forbidden to eat any form of pastries in order not  avoid a high rate of glycemia. Secondly a master chocolatier eager to experiment new low-sugar recepies, and a doctor diabetologist, dreaming of treating his patients without frustrating their greed.

From this mutual dream, the first shop was launched in 2016, located in Monge Street in Paris, at number 3.

Patisserie Les belles envies Paris



Les Belles Envies, evenly tasty and beautiful cakes:

After numerous experiences to combine the taste, the naturalness of ingredients, and a low sugar rate, Les Belles Envies gather within the pastry shop a tasty treat and a feast for the eyes of the consumer.

Whether it is on their web site, or in directly in the store, the customer chooses the products according to their composition and to his taste preferences. Five ranges are offered, quite more tantalizing one as much as the other. The consumer reaches not only ingredients, but also the IGC (Glycemic Index Control) of every pastry.

The price of each beautiful creation ranges from 5 to 6 euros, for the individual cakes and around thirty euros for tarts. Let’s take a peek at some works of the pastry chef of Les Belles Envies.

les belles envies patisseries

From left to right :

  • L’éclair chocolat mûre jasmin : its dark chocolate infused of White Jasmine tea accompanied by a blackberry confit, deeply awakes your senses.
  • Rising nonchalantly its top hat, this “Paris Brest” offers a crispy chou pastry on the surface, but melting with its cream muslin with praline in the inside.
  • The wispy coconut & pineapple entremets infused into the vanilla of Madagascar, seasoned with a touch of lime on its shortbread coconut, present the peculiarity of being without gluten.
  • The peach verbena turret is composed of a delicate bavarian with vanilla involved with a confit of peach infused into verbena and decorated with red shiso shoots.



Les Belles Envies, a project with a fulfiling future:


Diabetes is an epidemic: 3.5 million people are diagnosed with the condition, and 700,000 are unaware that they have it. Being diabetic often equates to an austere lifestyle where sugar is sin and green is in. However, Les Belles Envies — creators of visually appealing yet healthy patisseries — made it possible for those with diabetes enjoy sweet delights without worry. Indeed, with Les Belles Envies, anyone can have their cake and eat it too.

Les Belles Envies – 3 rue Monge à Paris – 75005
For the greedy ones, the pastry shop is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.



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