Iconic building in Paris: 7 wonders to discover during your trip

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Iconic building in Paris: 7 wonders to discover during your trip

During your next trip to Paris, you will probably visit museums and monuments, but it would be a shame to miss the many interesting and unique houses the beautiful capital of France has to offer. You mustn’t miss them during your next stay!

Looking for an iconic building in Paris? Here is our selection to discover while strolling in the city of light. We did not select them only for their architecture, but also for their fascinating history. Let’s embark without further delay on a journey through our magnificent city and discover our first famous building!

Houses of the Sheep and the Reaper sign- 11/13, rue Miron, 75004

Our meeting point is rue Miron, number 11-13 in the Marais district. Two old buildings stand out in their architecture. Their characteristic timbered houses take us back to the Middle Ages! Rich history that has seen much.

These buildings date from the beginning of the 16th century, the wood and facade being limewashed after the year 1607. Then, by royal edict,  the construction of timbered houses were banned for fire safety considerations. Older buildings had to refurbish and the wood was concealed under plaster. Parisians would have to wait until 1968, with a restoration of the building, to discover the original style.

You can now admire the two houses and other wonders in our team building adult scavenger hunt in the Marais!

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  • maisons 11-13 rue Miron
  • maisons rue Miron de l'enseigne du mouton

The Castel Béranger building – 14, rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016

The Castel Béranger was erected at number 14 rue Jean de la Fontaine in the 16th district. Constructed from 1895 to 1898 by Hector Guimard, it may be the first example of Art Nouveau architecture in Paris! The architect was inspired by his Belgium colleague Victor Horta, as he wanted to create a homogeneous structure. Facade, locks, wallpaper, stained glass, furniture- all the architectural elements and decoration of the Castel belong to the Art Nouveau movement, recognized by its arabesques and plant motifs.

The building was awarded a prize at the first Parisian facade contest in 1898 and later in 1992,  listed as a historical monument. For more than one century, the Castel Béranger has been fascinating Parisians and tourists alike. You can have a walk to explore the building after one of our team building rallyes close by, in the Eiffel Tower district! Join Booster2Success today!

  • immeuble insolite Paris Castel Béranger
  • castel béranger détail porte entrée
  • castel béranger hall d'entrée

Lavirotte building an iconic building in Paris 29 avenue Rapp, 76007

The exuberant Lavirotte building is another masterpiece of Art Nouveau. It saw the light of day in 1901 thanks to the joint efforts of three people: the architect Jules Lavirotte, the ceramist Alexandre Bigot, and the engineer Paul Cottancin. These three men wanted to create a revolutionary construction structure using experimental techniques. Using sandstone instead of the more expensive and traditional cut stone, the framework of the building is made of reinforced concrete crossed by wires, a technique developed by Paul Cottancin.

Thanks to its avant-garde design, the Lavirotte building was one of the winners of the 1901 Paris facade competition.  Even today, it is impossible to be indifferent about this building and the stroller who is raising his head to the heavens can still contemplate its sumptuous facade.

  • immeuble insolite paris Lavirotte facade
  • immeuble Lavirotte partie supérieure colonnades et toit
  • immeuble Lavirotte détail céramiques

The ceramic building from the French company des Eaux Minérales – 30, rue de Londres, 75009

This original building was constructed in the 1920s with azure ceramics on its facade. The decoration refers to the activity of the Société française des Eaux minérales (meaning French company of mineral water)  whose building was the headquarters. You can even see sparkling bubbles on the two lateral parts of the building. From September the 3rd 1885, this company sourced from a sparkling water spring located at Vals-Les-Bains in Ardèche region and named “Les perles de Vals”. You’ll find it still inscribed above the front door.

A royal crown surmounted by pearls also appears three times on the facade. Is this a reference to sparkling water or to the history of Vals-les-Bains? The crown is in every way similar to the early ones in French heraldry. In any case, if the Société française des Eaux minérales has deserted the place, you can still admire its incredible front!

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  • Immeuble société française des Eaux minérales
  • Immeuble société française des Eaux minérales détail vals sources perles
  • Immeuble société française des Eaux minérales couronne perles

The sgraffiti building – 134, rue Mouffetard, 75005

What an amazing coating on this iconic building in Paris! In a profusion of interlacing vegetation, lays an abundant fauna of birds, deer, wild boar, goats! At 134 rue Mouffetard there was a butcher’s shop in the hands of an Italian named Fachetti. In 1929, to stand out from the competition, he commissioned this work representing game and poultry. See the history for yourself in this wonderfully iconic building in Paris!

These motifs were created by the mason Adigheri according to the famous sgraffito technique, used during the Renaissance in Italy and Central Europe. Finally, this sumptuous facade, which is really Mannerist, was listed as a historical monument in 1990.

  • immeuble insolite Paris sgraffiti rue mouffetard
  • détail immeuble sgraffiti 75005

The Chinese pagoda an original and famous building in Paris – 48, rue de Courcelles, 75008

The history of the Chinese pagoda is associated with the success of Chinese immigrant Ching-Tsai Loo. Arriving in Paris in 1902, he became an expert in oriental arts and a dealer in Asian antiquities. In 1928, Ching-Tsai Loo wanted to house his impressive collection in a splendid house. He called upon the architect François Bloch to build this gleaming pagoda with a jade-coloured roof. Dare to confront the creatures of Chinese mythology and discover some exotic animals on top of the portal.

Within it, the pagoda abounds with the wonders of the Far East. Furniture, porcelain, objets d’art, books… All of them are part of Ching-Tsai Loo’s opulent collection. Alas, the private home museum of Loo is only exceptionally open to the public for exhibitions or artistic events. As a consolation, you can nevertheless discover the pagoda’s exterior decoration, as well as many other curiosities in the district thanks to our Arc de Triomphe treasure hunt team!

  • immeuble insolite Paris pagode chinoise vue d'ensemble
  • immeuble pagode chinoise 75008

The liner house in Paris – 3, boulevard Victor, 75015

The originality of this quirky building Paris doesn’t jump out at you at first glance. To appreciate the singularity of this construction, let’s have a look at the map above. We will discover that the residence was built on a really narrow space, confined between the railway and Boulevard Victor. The architect Pierre Patout bought this land in 1929 and used his ingenuity and know-how to build a house on it. 

Pierre Patout has decorated many ocean liners, including the famous Normandie. He was inspired by the architecture of these great ships to design this building. Thus, the apartment on the first floor facing Balard square evokes, with its triangular balcony, the captain’s cabin at the bow of a ship. Step back across the boulevard and admire the three protuberances emerging from the roof, reminiscent of a ship’s chimneys.

Inside, the ingenious shape of the condensed staircase, the narrowness of the corridors, or the porthole-shaped windows give the impression of sailing on an ocean liner.

  • immeuble paquebot vue d'ensemble
  • immeuble paquebot carte mappy paris
  • immeuble paquebot détail balcon

These seven iconic buildings in Paris are examples among others! Each Parisian home has its own particular history, sometimes as surprising as those we have just discovered. In Paris, don’t forget that marvellous things await you at every street corner!

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