CSR team building: an environmental challenge to raise awareness among your colleagues

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CSR team building: an environmental challenge to raise awareness among your colleagues

A concept that has become very popular in recent years is CSR team building. It is a team bonding activity around the theme of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In concrete terms, it is a question of the employer creating team cohesion while making their employees aware of the challenges of sustainable development. Generally, sustainable development or environmental team building involves staff participating in playful online or face-to-face activities.

Environmental team building: strengthen team cohesion around strong values with entertainment

CSR team building is a major challenge for companies. Strengthening team cohesion while raising awareness of the CSR theme, and moreover in a playful way, is not always easy. So, at Booster2Success, we have brought you the perfect solution: fun activities to build team cohesion, for employees divided into teams. Say hello to competition and team spirit! 


team building sustainable development activities with colleagues

There is nothing better for team building than programs where everyone has fun while learning new things about corporate social responsibility. Different activities are offered, allowing the same employees to do several sessions during the year while changing activities. In other words, there is no room for boredom or redundancy.

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CSR team building in the form of a fun quiz

CSR team building: user instructions and sequence of events

Our environmental challenge activities are either 100% in person or hybrid. It means that participants can all be in the same place like a meeting room, or other locations, some at home and others on company premises. The CSR team building game lasts about 1h to 1h30, depending on the group size and the room configuration. During each activity, there is one or more facilitators who help run the seminar.

The environmental team building solution has many advantages: it can be played anywhere and anytime, for example after a seminar or in between two meetings. It is a fun way to approach the rich and complex theme of CSR. Our activities are designed to train the participants in order to encourage complete immersion. The theme of sustainable development is easily accessible thanks to our team building. 

By following the instructions given by the presenter, which are quite simple, everyone takes part in the game and learns the principles of CSR. Moreover, for special requests, companies can set up a tailor-made activity. This is an opportunity to highlight their achievements in the field of sustainable development while increasing team cohesion.


– LOCATION: in person (seminar venue, meeting room, etc…), hybrid or 100% online

– DURATION: between 1h to 1h30

– NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: from 20 to 1000 people

– LANGUAGE: French and English

Booster2Success organizes corporate team building events.

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