Best bakery in Paris Tour Eiffel: La P’tite Boulangerie de Grenelle

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Best bakery in Paris Tour Eiffel: La P’tite Boulangerie de Grenelle

At Booster2Success we are really demanding concerning baguettes and croissants! We recently discovered a bakery that matches all our food quality requirements. Let’s go to Paris’ 15th district to discover La P’tite Boulangerie de Grenelle (meaning the small bakery), the best bakery in Paris Tour Eiffel!

La P’tite Boulangerie, the story of 2 men and 1 woman

La P’tite Boulangerie de Grenelle, located close to the Eiffel Tower, isn’t the only store located in Paris. In 2016 their first bakery was created in the south-east of France, in le Cap Ferret city. The bakery was successful and quickly other bakeries were opened in 2017: Bordeaux, Bacalan and in Paris, near Notre-Dame district. But who’s behind this success? Meet the three French entrepreneurs who are behind the croissants…

Pascal Rigo, a baker and successful entrepreneur in the USA, created a successful bakery chained and sold it to Starbucks. Combined with his two experienced supporting partners in IT & consulting (Florence Mero) and another talented baker with a pedigree in baking (Arnaud Chevalier). The complimentary team has developed a world-class bakery in the heart of Paris and other French cities.

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Best bakery paris organic breads

The recipe of the best bakery in Paris Tour Eiffel: using organic products

In la P’tite Boulangerie, you’ll find organic bread and grains. It’s also their motto, “Here nothing is made someplace else (or not really far!)”. To give you an example, the viennoiseries (croissants, pain au chocolat etc.), bread and baguette at La P’tite Boulangerie de Grenelle are made directly on the premises (and with love!). Because the bakery workshop is small in space, some pastries such as the the lemon cake, the chocolate fondant and flan are made at the nearby at the Rue de Duranton boulangerie. We have to point out the fantastic lemon cake which is absolutely delicious! Fodhil and Mebba, the partner bakers and their team will testify about that, with smiles and good cheer. Because of them, we can say that this place is the best bakery in Paris Tour Eiffel!

best bakery in paris eiffel tower organic croissants

La P’tite Boulangerie: a people-centred project

Fodhil and Mebba, the enthusiast partners at La P’tite Boulangerie de Grenelle, are justifiably proud of their original creation. At la P’tite Boulangerie, all the bakers are either baking or helping customers, and it’s often busy. Taste the wonderful food and let them explain all about the recipes. Let them guide you to the perfect choice and experience a custom baking delight chosen just for you.

ptite boulangerie de grenelle

Follow our advice and head to the best bakery in Paris Tour Eiffel, and tell the baker you’d like to sample some things. You will see for yourself! Bon Appétit! If you are a fan of croissant and baguettes, you should have a look at our article on the best bakeries in Paris by district !

La P’tite Boulangerie de Grenelle – My Auchan, 28-32 boulevard de Grenelle 75015 Paris

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