In the footsteps of Claude Monet: a day in Giverny

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In the footsteps of Claude Monet: a day in Giverny

Spring is here, and we’re taking you out for a day in Giverny. Let’s go to Claude Monet’s home, garden, and land for an exotic trip to the country of Impressionism!

The village of Giverny, a charming place only one hour from Paris

You have probably heard of Giverny, a small village in Normandy, once a rural village, but now famous thanks to the master impressionist artist Claude Monet. Only an hour from Paris, we recommend you visit the beautiful colors by spending the day or staying for a weekend to soak up the artistic atmosphere. From Paris, by car, it will take you about an hour (75 km) to get there on the highway. If you prefer the train, you can take it to the station Saint-Lazare and that to the city of Vernon. Then there is a shuttle to and from Giverny for multiple times. On our way for a change of scenery! Come join us!

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A day in Giverny in the gardens and Claude Monet’s house

How to speak of Giverny without mentioning the famous artist who greatly contributed to the reputation of the place? It is in Giverny that one can find a house full of charm, still decorated with original furnishings and many, many of his paintings from the artist who gave birth to the impressionism. Indeed, the painter Claude Monet lived with his wife in the village for 43 years and it still feels like their home.

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By spending a day in Giverny (or even a weekend!) You will have the time to enjoy to visit every nook and cranny of the place. The gardens are beautifully maintained and the house full of charm. A little further, still in the property, you will discover the famous water lily basins, where Monet picked colors off his palette and showed us his world.

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Before leaving the gardens, go back to the house where Claude Monet and his wife lived, with almost everything remained intact, and you can feel the energy. We fell in love with the intense yellow of the dining room and the deep blue of the kitchen. It is confirmed that he was a master of color, even inside his house and they definitely have superb taste.

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Visit the Museum of the Impressionists during a day in Giverny

After the gardens and Monet’s property, be sure to visit the Museum of the Impressionists in the village of Giverny. A group ticket with Claude Monet’s house is also available if you desire. When we spent a day in Giverny a very interesting exhibition about the painter Auburtin was available. Comparing the work of the painter with the one of his elder Claude Monet, the visit is very interesting to see the similarities and differences between the two interpretations. The museum is not very big, but the paintings on display are worth every moment, taking you back to a quieter time.

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When you come for a visit in Giverny either with friends, family, day or weekend, there will be something for everyone! Come see why Giverny is one of our best secrets!

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