Team building online | A selection of distance immersive activities

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Team building online | A selection of distance immersive activities

Is your team telecommuting or doesn’t live in the same city or the same country? Do you want to maintain positive teamwork, promote team communication, or remobilize your teams? When we can’t get together, animation and team building online allows us to bridge the gap and keep in touch! Booster2Success has the right tips for your next team building event!

team building louvre online

Team building Louvre online

• From 8 to 50 people •

Time  for a digital walk in the heart of the world renowned Louvre Museum! Guided by our live presenter, your team adventure at the Louvre will have to help a rich Italian collector find his next artwork gems. This online animation is very immersive and allows you to explore the Louvre from behind the screen. With lots of challenges, you will learn while having fun. No need for artistic knowledge, only communication and exchange between participants will lead them to victory! 

To sum up: from 8 to 50 people per session, 1h15 video conference on Zoom and Teams, available in French and in English


live team building online investigation

Team building in the form of “Live Acting”

Starting from 12 persons

Let’s go on a 2.0 investigation to research Professor Henry Gotairicopsky, whom you haven’t heard from for several days! From the comfort of your own computer, in teams of 4 to 6 people, you will investigate and join the experience. Thanks to the great IT solutions employed, you will guide the “actor-assistant” in his actions in the form of an embedded camera. The online team building animation is very immersive and interactive, and a lot of fun. Using communication and exchange skills between members of the same team is essential for success! 

To sum up: from 12 people, with a video conference device integrated into the game, about 1h10, available in French and English

magic mentalism show for your team building

Team building online: digital mentalism show

From 6 to 1000 people

Want to do a mental refresh of your mind with your colleagues and have fun doing it? Booster2Success has just the online mentality animation for you. This one-hour show is divided into two parts: a 20-minute magic and mentalism show followed by a 40-minute interactive workshop on the secrets of magic and mentalism. Participants will have to interact with the magician and everyday objects. This animation is perfect for team building online or other occasions such as a product launch. Indeed the format is customizable, your company’s new product line can come out of the Ipad of our mentalist!

To sum up: about 6 to 1000 people, 1 hour by videoconference on the software of your choice, available in French and in English.


team building online cooking class

Interactive online cooking course with a renowned french chef

From 5 to 100 persons 

Since telecommuting has us home all the time, it’s time to up your game in the kitchen and learn to prepare your own world-class meals. We offer a distance team building experience in the form of a guided cooking class! Enjoy a colorful course, thanks to Merouan, former TOP CHEF candidate, currently animator on M6 channel ” Le meilleur pâtissier”. Stay in touch with your colleagues while cooking together for your next lunch! This team building online can be carried out from 5 to 100 persons, an animator will manage the interactions with the chef.

To sum up: From 5 to 100 people, 1 hour class on the software used by your company, available in French and in English

online quiz to do during a team building

Space quest:  team building online to challenge your colleagues

From 10 to 500 participants 

Let’s meet in virtual space for your next telecommuting team building with your colleagues! After setting up teams of 4 to 6 people, all participants will meet in the same video conference room. A giant quiz is organized and the teams compete around challenges that highlight different skills (imagination, analytical skills, information retrieval, etc.). Streaming, quiz, leaderboard, and riddles are integrated into the IT solution for a very immersive online team building animation!

To sum up: from 10 to 500 people, about 1h10 of online activity with a video conference device integrated into the game, available in French and in English


Blind test live with guitar: an online team building animation very Rock’n’roll

• From 10 to 100 participants •

Want your next online team building activities be in music? That’s what we offer you with this blind test live in videoconference. Forget about telecommuting meetings and relax: a guitarist-singer and a facilitator will take care of you with quizzes and song leads! A friendly team building online moment that will test your musical knowledge and challenge your colleagues. Available from 10 to 100 people for maximum interactivity. Beware you will not always be asked for the interpreter or the title of the song but sometimes to mime. Don’t forget that the guitarist will also try to trap you! A lot of fun!

To sum up: From 10 to 100 participants, 1 hour of animation on the video conference solution of your choice, available in French and English

virtual team building experience

Video investigations to maintain contact and cohesion

• From 6  to 40 people •

Look no further, we have found your next digital escape game! In teams of 6 to 8 people, take part in one-hour video investigations to promote a virtual team building experience. Eleven challenges for all levels and skills, the key lies in communication and information sharing. No puzzles, the objective is to bring all the participants to the end in a friendly team-building atmosphere. The plus: a crazy comedian game master and a team to guide you in the adventure!

To sum up: from 6 to 40 participants at the same time, 1 hour of team building on Zoom, Webex or Jitsi, available in French and English

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