How to promote your tour operator company on Instagram ?

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How to promote your tour operator company on Instagram ?

Social networks brought a revolution to the way people communicate together and also completely modified a company’s marketing strategy. Today’s travelers are using them to easily and quickly find, recommend, and book holiday trips or services. Instagram is a powerful tool, able to reach a large range of customers using visual and human content. That’s why your tour operator company should definitely use these powerful tools.

Why you should choose Instagram to boost your business?

Instagram is a tool frequently used in a travel booking process. Your customers are using the social network throughout the whole trip experience:

  • inspiration;
  • planning;
  • sharing and
  • recommendation.

For every player in the tourism industry, it’s a proven platform and the ideal place to acquire new customers. And for a good reason: with more than one billion active users per month (more than 500 million open the app each day), you have an opportunity to reach new clients!

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Moreover, travel is a major draw on Instagram. For example, there are nearly 500 million publications with the hashtag #travel. That covers a lot of exposure for you. and that doesn’t include the influencer impact which is massive and contributes to the promotion of the entire travel sector. In addition, all generations are represented on Instagram: 35% of users are from 25 to 34 years, 17% from 35 to 44, and 8% are more than 45 years old (source, in French). Using good data results in more accurate audience targeting.

How to promote a tour operator company on Instagram?

With more than 100 million pictures and videos daily posted on Instagram (source, in French), travel companies need to reach beyond traditional marketing methods. Booster2Success can provide that for you by strategically using efficient tactics to maximize the potential of social platform opportunities.

Create a professional account on Instagram

Create a professional account on Instagram and develop your contact details on your profile (email, phone number, localisation, etc.) for better customer recognition. Use these strategies and allow your customers to find you, schedule appointments, or just contact you. Offered only to established company profiles, not personal ones, take advantage of these features and get the added benefit building customer trust. Having a direct contact button is a sign that a company profile is authentic and trustworthy. Let Booster2Success help you get that set up!

Promouvoir activité tour opérateur

When you start your profile creation, be sure to use your company logo to advantage, and pictures should be consistent and related to your business. Your tour operator logo represents your business so maximize your identity. Use your company name for recognition and locating your company easily. Regarding the “bio” section, create an accurate description of your services. Pull them in and also include the link to your website, as it is the only spot on Instagram where you will be able to do it (it is not possible to share a link on each post).

Invest in quality pictures

Use of high-quality pictures is an essential tool for increasing your visibility. Tourism is a service industry, so your subscribers won’t be able to touch or feel what you are selling obviously. Instead, highlight your added values and unique offerings. Invest in high-quality pictures that represent your unique brand and service while delivering your intended message. Instagram relies on using your Smartphone as it’s platform foundation so be sure to use it to your advantage and create your own catalog of stock material for all your covered locations.

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Don’t rely on pictures from an internet image bank, as you will get better results with a professional photographer. Another factor to take into consideration is the size of the images. Instagram is automatically resizing every picture to a frame of 612 x 612 pixels, so they are clear, articulate with professional results. do not lose on quality. You can also ask your clients to send you a postcard written after their tip and share them for time to time on your Instagram page. It encourages a climate of trust with your audience and gives you more credibility.

Produce quality content

Being on Instagram is essential for a  tour operator company. You will want to share a picture once a day, so make sure your content is high quality. Be strategic in your posts and make sure they are all business-related. We recommend using a personal account for non-business photos. The platform is mainly dedicated to sharing pictures, so don’t try to do too much. Also, use hashtags wisely. They play a crucial part to get visibility on Instagram. Add several # hashtags to each post and you’ll soon see your community grow. However, don’t overuse them. 

Only use those that are consistent with travel industry topics.  In the same manner, you can create your own hashtag. This will allow you to organize and group all your pictures in a single virtual folder. Other people will in turn start including them in their publication, which will increase your audience reach.

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Evaluate your previous postings

Be sure to systematically review and evaluate your posts. Use different tools in order to check which one received the more “likes” and the ones with the highest engagement rates. You can do the same with the more popular hashtags, the number of new subscribers you gain with your marketing campaigns, and so on.

Make the booking easier for your subscribers

Instagram is a useful platform to promote your tour operator company, and it goes without saying that having a website is essential to handling your client bookings. You will want to post your pictures on Instagram, with a link to the profile, redirecting them to your website in order to make it easier for your subscribers to book the specific tours that they are interested in.

À ce titre, nous vous recommandons d’utiliser des solutions de réservation en ligne telles Here at Booster2Success, we recommend using online booking solutions such as Regiondo, which is really easy to integrate on your website. Booster2Success is here to help boost you to success!

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