Outings in Paris: 4 restaurants in Paris Opera to discover

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Outings in Paris: 4 restaurants in Paris Opera to discover

Every day The Gastronomic Capital of Europe opens 3 new restaurants. Between your family’s recommendations, mouth-watering Instagram photos, and the hundreds of restaurants described in guidebooks, there is enough choice here to make you completely lose your head.  

How can you know which you would like best? That’s why we have selected our favorite 4 restaurants in Paris Opera neighborhood that might really interest you. Here are our tips:


Les Bariolés de Maud : A feast of a different color

You must discover The Bariolés de Maud, with its trendy originality, right away. Forget about normal food – the dishes you usually eat. Close your eyes and imagine, for example, a hamburger in a crisp triangle of bright colors. How weird is that? It may seem somewhat bizarre, but you must be curious to taste it. This concept has existed since 2015.
Gourmet triangles are also available in sweet versions, and the ingredients are always in season. Everything is 100% homemade and of course any dyes used are completely natural.

Do not hesitate to gather after work with colleagues or to take your family for brunch on weekends.


Les Bariolés de Maud – 12 rue Buffault 75009 Paris


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Best Restaurants in Paris Opera, The Timeless “Les Noces de Jeannette”

Among the restaurants in Paris Opera, Les Noces de Jeannette is already more than a century old and a legendary address from the Opera district. Formerly known as Poccardi, the establishment was, in the last century, the most famous Italian restaurant in France’s capital. Its comic opera sign, along with its warm and calm setting, its high-quality local food always on offer and all this is just a few steps from the Grévin (wax) Museum. There are five dining rooms each with a different atmosphere. So, whether you prefer to feast in a bistro setting or at an elegant lounge decorated as in the belle-epoque, you will be delighted.


Les Noces de Jeannette – 14 rue Favart 75002 Paris


Bao Shelter: Asia in our burgers

You love Asian cuisine but you’re tired of eating ramen (although we at Booster2Success love that); and if, at the same time, you have a weakness for the classic hamburgers from restaurants in Paris Opera, Have we got an idea for you. Frédéric and Hélène, the brother and sister co-founders of this intimate and welcoming establishment, offer, as its name suggests, delicious bao burgers as well as gua bao, poke bowls, buddha bowls and bobuns for Asian classic food lovers of Asian. But what is “Gua bao” kesako? The bao is an Asian steamed bun and it is stuffed with various brightly cooked vegetables and beef stir-fry. This is just one example of an Asian themed hamburger. They are all delicious and interestingly updated. This is the perfect place for a tasty lunch.


Bao Shelter – 3 rue Saint-Marc 75002 Paris



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Restaurants in Paris Opera, Hexagout: la crème de la  sandwich

There is so much to see in the Opera district and sometimes so little time for lunch. But eating on the run doesn’t have to be synonymous with eating poorly. Sébastien understands this and offers you the incontestably favorite lunch food of France as improved by his care: the sandwich. Each sandwich is prepared from the best French ingredients, provided by about fifteen producers from across France (the Hexagon). Eat well while supporting local producers and France’s agriculture. How can we do better than that? We have no doubt that you will have a hard time choosing between the seven special sandwiches on offer, so you will just have to return again soon to try them all.


Hexagout – 11 rue Montyon 75009 Paris


To discover also another suggestion about restaurants in Paris Opera: Les Bols de Jean … With all these good plans you have enough to feast!



Photo credit: Les Noces de Jeannette



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