Team building for OKKO HOTELS: scavenger hunt in canal Saint-Martin district

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Team building for OKKO HOTELS: scavenger hunt in canal Saint-Martin district

We recently welcomed the OKKO HOTELS during a scavenger hunt at the canal Saint-Martin. The popular hospitality brand is launching a new four-star hotel near Gare de l’Est train station and asked us to organize a team building for OKKO HOTELS in order to help the new team develop working relationships and team cohesiveness with an ice-breaking event.


A team building tour in order to discover the canal Saint-Martin district

OKKO HOTELS has a created a new service team in the canal Saint-Martin area of Paris and, through a fun and unique scavenger hunt. Booster2Success organized a custom and carefully cultivated fun, educational, and rewarding experience to bond the team in this very special district.


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During the team building for OKKO HOTELS hunt, participants were provided a tourist guidebook in order to start exploring the historic canal. Solving riddles, overcoming artistic, musical, sport and other challenges builds morale and relationships to win the challenge! Team cohesion, organization, and spirit of the initiative are the key to successful business relationships. The laughter and fun had made time fly!


The team building for OKKO HOTELS experience can be yours also. Starting from the infamous République Square, the teams are briefed and prepared for taking an autonomous district tour with a few planned additional challenges along the way. Working through challenges together creates professional levels of trust and understanding among coworkers that’s hard to recreate by other means. Prepped and ready for action, keep your eyes and minds open as you work on your challenges.


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Making your way along the course, teams must are encouraged to communicate and solve, but also learn and laugh. Challenges are timed though, so you might not do too much window shopping along the way! Designed to optimize professional team relationship building and customized to perfectly align with their company’s interests and values, Booster2Success creates great memories and close teams.

The goal of team-building activities is to create bonds between your staff by improving communication, morale and helping employees get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


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Scavenger hunt in the canal Saint-Martin district: organization

This experience is available for different group sizes of 8 to 60 people and last approximately two hours. It is a perfect way to bring your colleagues together while having a fun and friendly moment. That’s the feedback we got during the Team building for OKKO HOTELS.


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Our client’s testimony:Good activity that was an excellent ice breaker for the first day of our team. Thanks again!”

Do not hesitate to have a look at our other scavenger hunt team building in Paris, available in French or English.


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