Coaching & Training

Booster 2 Success will accompany your firm, as well as your employees. Our hotel audit & trainings will help you develop your brand image, your company’s performance and your service quality.

Training, developing your teams’ skills:

Our job experts will help your teams for them to diversify their skills. We will intervene in the hotel, tourism and luxury sectors. Our training sessions are focused on different themes such as sales, negotiation, yield management, customer relationship and reception or management techniques. Our experimented consultants and actors of the professional environment will intervene in each one of those domains.

The goal of Booster 2 Success trainings is double: to value staff and the company. That way you will foster the performance and the well-being of your teams, the quality and the profitability of your hotel or touristic business.

We will organise our training sessions in different languages, in France as well as abroad on demand.

Quality and performance hotel audit:

To permanently improve your service quality and to offer an ever more personalised experience, we will carry out for you a full audit of your hotel company or touristic activity. We will evaluate the quality and the relevancy of your services, as well as the procedures and organisation of the various departments of your firm. To follow up, together, we will elaborate a set of strategic recommendations to increase the efficiency, the quality and the overall performance of your company.

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Branding, Community Management, Hotel, Marketing, Sales, Tourism, Yield Management


For every kind of hotel establishment or touristic activity