Brand identity

It is imperative to address them in a kind of language and tone that will vary according to the type of activity and customer segment. We will accompany you in the choice of your communications strategy, the message and most-adapted formats.

Let us build your brand identity:

Booster 2 Success will guide you to the formulation of a strong brand image that conveys the values of your brand and the associated communications strategy. Together, we will define every step of your strategy (establish your brand identity, the voice of your brand, marketing plan), to position your product or your company in a judicious and efficient manner.

Then we will accompany you in the creation process of the identity of your brand, from the choice of your brand name to the creation of the logo, its graphic breakdowns, as well as the graphic charter.

The choice of design, format, and content is also essential. We will also develop your communication and sales promotion mediums ( optimized Internet website, mobile application, sales brochure, photoshoot, emailing, etc.) according to your brand identity and branding strategy.

We help you to promote your company through photo shooting for your brand or your team.

We take part in the following missions for our clients:

  • Brand audit and competition analysis
  • Name and logo
  • Brand storytelling drawing up
  • Brand repositioning
  • Human branding: employees photo shooting
  • Photos and promotional videos shooting
  • Communication medium digital and print

We support companies in every step of their growth. It can be tourism companies such as hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, travel agencies, and tourism offices.


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