Most beautiful chateau hotels in Ile de France

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Most beautiful chateau hotels in Ile de France

Have you ever dreamed about spending the night in a château ? In the Île-de-France this dream can become a reality. The region is abundant with beautiful medieval chateaus and many chatelains are now offering the chance to experience a stay.

Here are some of the most beautiful chateau hotels we offer, for a more than romantic stay.



Château-hôtel de Bourron – Seine-et-Marne (77)

The château was built in the 16th century at the site of an old medieval fortress. This chateau has welcomed the likes of Kings, one such example the king of Poland who stayed here during the wedding of his daughter to Louis XV.


Abandoned after the revolution, the Montesquieu family acquired the estate in 1878 and committed to preserving the antique and rich history of the chateau which is still present today.

Emerging out of these ancient stones, the well kept French garden contrasts with the breathtaking vegetation of the surrounding woods.


This antique treasure, being one of diversity serves many functions depending on your wishes; a romantic get-away, a place to come and relax or even to host your events.


O ye gastronomist delight!  The hotel serves only the finest quality food as we have close ties with the top gourmet restaurants.

Close to Fontainebleau, the chateau hotel de Bourron is indeed the best location to discover this hidden kingdom.


One room for two people from 180€ a night





Château-hôtel de Breteuil – Yvelines (78)

Built on the site of a medieval castle that dates back to the 16th century. The Breteuil family inherited the chateau in 1712 during which they renovated and modified the estate and its surrounding gardens. Perfect for an encounter with the past!

Whilst staying at the château de Breteuil you will get a close look at the history of France. Experience the opportunity to admire the perfect replica of the table de Teschen and discover which French president stayed here.

At Breteuil, history meets legend. Setting of the fairytales of Perrault, the gardens themselves are revered as an ode to nature, and are something only to be seen in a fairy tale!

Like an explorer, venture into the secret wonders of the labyrinth and open your senses to the truly magical floral fragrance of the gardens.

Perfect for marriages and seminars. The chateau hotel also offers a suite with several bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.


One suite for two people from 150€ a night.





Château-hôtel du Maréchal de Saxe – Essonne (91)

The château dates back to 1617 and the architectural style of the building resemble many of the typical of the Louis XV period. A few years later, the Marshal of Saxony acquired the property. Registered as a historical monument in 1960, the estate became a hotel in 2000.

Like the previous residences the estates main asset is not only the opulence of its apartments. The residence also includes an opulent Baroque reception, two spacious seminar halls and a gourmet restaurant.

Is this not the perfect setting for celebrating weddings and hosting seminars?


One of the many outstanding features of the estate is its vast, well manicured gardens. In the extensive space of greenery the visitor is invited to the Baguenaudage.

Sports enthusiasts rejoice! This hotel offers a number of invigorating activities, and sports a swimming pool and a tennis court! A golf course and stables can also be found in close proximity.


One room for 2 people from 120€ a night





Château-hôtel de Méry – Val d’Oises (95)

This medieval dwelling dated back to the 17th century and was one of the many places frequented by Henry IV. Following numerous events the estate was listed as a historic monument in 1937.

The chateau has 12 meeting rooms, providing an ideal setting for seminars. The residence is an idyllic place to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. With leisure and sports facilities for the more active adventurer the building also hosts an incredibly grand garden.


« L’onde lutte avec les cailloux et la lumière avec l’ombre ». The wave contends with the pebbles and the light with the shadow.  The words of Tristan L’Hermite perfectly sum up the magnificence of this sylvan refuge.

A river flows through the luxury gardens and adds a touch of wonder as the reflection of the chateau bounces of the serene and peaceful waters.


Room for two people from 350€ a night





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